Russian enterprises develop their brands using support measures

Russian enterprises develop their brands using support measures
Russian enterprises develop their brands using support measures

As part of the plenary meeting and sessions of the All-Russian Light Industry Forum “Manufactura 4.0” in Ivanovo, discussions were held on the development of the domestic fashion industry with the participation of experts – representatives of large Russian brands.

The main topics are government support measures, sales issues, popularization of domestic brands, revival of national traditions and others.

Thus, the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Russian Leather Group of Companies, Igor Surin, noted that thanks to support measures, the enterprises of the group of companies demonstrate stable performance. The extension of the current one-time 50% discount on the purchase price of equipment through leasing for light industry enterprises, proposed by the Governor of the Ivanovo Region Stanislav Voskresensky, will provide significant support to the industry.

The topic of adaptation of Russian clothing manufacturers to new conditions was touched upon by the commercial director of the Alice Fashion Rus company, Vyacheslav Mushnikov. Now two brands of women’s clothing, “Alice” and “Lalis”, are successfully developing here, and they presented the men’s collection “20th Line”. Today, these products can be found in more than a hundred cities; more than 2 thousand people are involved in the operation of the enterprise. It is systemically important and has been reoriented towards the domestic consumer.

At the Manufactory 4.0 forum, the outerwear brand Lanika, founded in Ivanovo in 1997, was presented. Every year the product line is expanded, and now the collection includes linen and knitted models, suits and accessories. The company produces about a thousand products per season. The company enjoys benefits under the simplified taxation system provided in the Ivanovo region.

Yulia Muzyka, head of the Rustrends and Russia-Horizons projects, spoke at the forum about the possibilities of online platforms for creating and popularizing domestic brands. “Thanks to the online platform, beginners and experienced designers can create collaborations and receive media support to develop sales,” emphasized Yulia Muzyka. She also noted new brands from the Ivanovo region that participated in the educational programs of the Russia-Horizons. Practice project. Among them are the brand “Shusha” – the creation of silver jewelry, which became the winner of the project, the brand “Lubim” – a high-quality and environmentally friendly collection of clothing made from cotton and linen, the brand “Mosso” – modern clothing in the upcycled style, the brand “Novikova-design” “Ivanovo designer Ksenia Novikova, whose collections are created jointly with light industry enterprises of the Ivanovo region, others.

Another current trend in fashion is the revival of national traditions. Vera Khmyrova, director of the department of light industry and forestry complex of the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation, spoke about this at the forum, and the heads of enterprises, in turn, shared their work experience. General Director of the Kholuy Stitching Artel Alexander Sakov said that the enterprise received a social grant for development in 2022. The company began its activities with collections of table and bed linen, and now receives orders, including from leading Russian designers.

The All-Russian Light Industry Forum “Manufactura 4.0” opened in Ivanovo on November 17. The main theme of the event is innovation and modern production. At the plenary meeting, Deputy Minister of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation Oleg Bocharov and Governor of the Ivanovo Region Stanislav Voskresensky summed up the development of the light industry and discussed further prospects. The forum will continue on November 22 in Moscow, where they will discuss issues of expanding existing and creating new enterprises, interaction between brands and production facilities, substitution of imported products, etc.

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