Vasily Anokhin passed an online test for knowledge of the basics of the Russian Constitution

Vasily Anokhin passed an online test for knowledge of the basics of the Russian Constitution
Vasily Anokhin passed an online test for knowledge of the basics of the Russian Constitution

The test includes 10 questions, each of which has several answer options. You have 10 minutes to complete.

Let us note that this All-Russian competition was initiated by the United Russia party. It is dedicated to the 30th anniversary of the adoption of the Constitution of the Russian Federation, which will be celebrated on December 12.

— The Constitution is the main law of our country. It protects the rights and freedoms of every resident of Russia. It is our duty to know and strictly observe all the norms and national values ​​contained in it. This is the key to stability and progressive development of the state. I invite everyone to join the online testing. To go through it, follow the link,” Governor Vasily Anokhin said on his page on the social network.


21.11.2023, 01:17

Smolensk school will pay the child’s parents compensation for the loss of an eye

During lessons, one of the students injured a classmate’s eye. As a result, the boy completely lost vision in one eye. The incident happened…


21.11.2023, 12:43

In Smolensk, a guy wanted to secretly sell his friend’s laptop

Earlier, a young man discovered that his laptop was missing from a rented apartment. When examining the place, police officers did not find any traces of illegal entry…


11/21/2023, 12:09

A fisherman can be imprisoned for 2 years for fishing in the Smolensk Poozerie region

The car of a fisherman, a resident of the village of Przhevalskoye, was stopped near the village of Pokrovskoye. In the car he transported a boat, oars, a fishing net and caught fish….


21.11.2023, 11:26

Smolensk motorists were warned about danger on the road

An ice trap awaits local drivers today (November 21) on 12 Let Oktyabrya Street. According to eyewitnesses, a utility accident occurred here…


11/21/2023, 10:57

A foreign car was on fire in Smolensk

On Monday, November 20, at about 20:30, a Volkswagen Passat, parked near a high-rise building, caught fire on Nakhimov Street. Those who noticed the fire, eyewitnesses…


21.11.2023, 10:22

Sberbank held a conference on development “Integrated development of territories: reality and new opportunities”

Sberbank held a conference on development “Integrated development of territories: reality and new opportunities.” It was attended by key developers from Moscow, Moscow…


21.11.2023, 09:48

Installations on the roadside near Yelnya scared Smolensk residents

Smolyan residents will continue to be surprised by the “Halloween details” not far from Yelnya. The day before, photographs of scarecrows appeared on social networks standing on the side of the road near…


21.11.2023, 09:17

Firearms smuggling stopped in Smolensk

FSB operatives detained the 38-year-old owner of one of the Smolensk transport companies and his 50-year-old accomplice for illegal…


21.11.2023, 08:43

The car burned down on Nakhimov Street in Smolensk

The day before, November 20, 2023, the central fire communications point received a message about a car fire in Smolensk, on Nakhimov Street….


21.11.2023, 08:10

Several streets of Smolensk will remain without water on November 23

Today, November 21, SMUP GRODVODOKANAL reported a shutdown of cold water. Due to the connection of the newly built city water line, the cold…


21.11.2023, 07:40

Frosts are gaining momentum in the Smolensk region

Today, November 21, it will be cloudy in Smolensk. No significant precipitation is expected. — Wind northeast, north, 6-11 m/s. Air temperature according to…


20.11.2023, 09:05

A WWII mine was destroyed in Dukhovshchina

Today, November 20, according to a request received from the police, specialists from the Fire and Rescue Center eliminated explosive weapons. This weapon was still lying in the ground…


20.11.2023, 08:36

Cherry car got into an accident in Vyazma

Today, November 20, an accident occurred in Vyazma. According to eyewitnesses, the accident happened in the Bread Factory area in the city of Vyazma. According to the stories…

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20.11.2023, 08:03

Alexander Novikov: replenishment of public transport will continue after the new year

The mayor of Smolensk spoke in his telegram channel about updating public transport in Smolensk. Today on the roads of Smolensk you can already see…

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