Volgograd drivers were warned about difficult conditions on the highways

Volgograd drivers were warned about difficult conditions on the highways
Volgograd drivers were warned about difficult conditions on the highways

The consequences of bad weather are being eliminated on the highways of the Volgograd region.

This was reported by FKU Uprdor Moscow-Volgograd. More than 140 pieces of equipment took part in eliminating the consequences of the rampant disaster on federal highways in three regions. Over 50 vehicles cleared Volgograd roads.

Special equipment cleared the driveway of snow and treated the roadway with de-icing compound; more than 411 tons were used in the Volgograd region.

Volgograd drivers were warned that now is not the time to relax. According to data from the Hydrometeorological Center and satellite meteorological systems installed along federal highways, in the near future light snow and rain is expected in places in the Volgograd region with air temperature fluctuations from minus to plus marks and back. And in neighboring Rostovskaya, in addition to light precipitation, fog is also possible with visibility deteriorating to 200 m.

Road enterprises continue to be on duty on highways around the clock. If necessary, 225 units of special equipment are ready to be deployed on Volgograd roads. Satellite weather and video monitoring systems also operate.

Drivers are urged to change tires and not drive long distances unless necessary. You should also strictly follow traffic rules, choose a speed limit appropriate to weather conditions, and not create obstacles to the operation of road equipment.

In case of emergency situations on the highway, you can contact the 24-hour dispatch service of FKU Uprdor Moscow-Volgograd: 8 (8442) 968625.

Let us remind you that this week Volgograd residents will have to experience one of the coldest nights since the beginning of the month. According to CGMS weather forecasters, it will be the night of Thursday, November 23. When it clears up, thermometers in remote areas of the region will drop to -11 in January.

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