Sevastopol joined the All-Russian reception of LDPR citizens – SevKor

Sevastopol joined the All-Russian reception of LDPR citizens – SevKor
Sevastopol joined the All-Russian reception of LDPR citizens – SevKor

On November 18, a reception of citizens by LDPR deputies took place throughout Russia. Most of the questions related to the state’s social policy: benefits, benefits, infrastructure development for a comfortable life, and others

“The All-Russian reception of LDPR citizens is our new format. As Vladimir Zhirinovsky taught, we must reach every family. Both me and the deputies and senators need to be with those who need our care. We will hold such meetings often,” commented LDPR Chairman Leonid Slutsky.

As Ilya Zhuravlev, vice-speaker of the Legislative Assembly of Sevastopol, coordinator of the Sevastopol branch of the LDPR, noted, the initiative to hold the All-Russian reception of citizens belongs to the Chairman of the party, Leonid Slutsky, and the deputies of the Sevastopol branch welcome it.

Residents of Sevastopol turned to deputies with questions about the recalculation of pensions, additional payments, allocation of land plots, road construction and others.

“The all-Russian reception has a certain power and a positive charge, because people, of course, turn to executive bodies and other institutions and organizations, where they do not always receive answers promptly. And people have only one hope – for the Liberal Democratic Party of Russia, which differs from other political parties in its initiative, specificity and desire to help people in certain issues.
Today, the entire LDPR faction in the Legislative Assembly of Sevastopol took part in the All-Russian reception, and I would like to note the great activity of citizens of all categories, from writers to designers,” commented Ilya Zhuravlev.

During the reception, the deputies were also addressed by writers from Sevastopol, who, unfortunately, are left to their own devices. But their works are particularly patriotic in nature.

“Undoubtedly, the Sevastopol branch of the LDPR will help ensure that the Union of Writers of Sevastopol finds its platform in the city. In addition, it is also surprising that the dance group “Rondo” has existed in the city for 25 years – people with disabilities who perform at Russian venues. We will definitely help the team take part in the festival, which will be held in December in Kazan, so that other regions of Russia will learn about our creative citizens,” added Ilya Zhuravlev.

Undoubtedly, the Sevastopol branch of the LDPR will promote the development of sports in the city based on the problematic issues that surfaced during the reception.
In total, more than 50 city residents came to the reception and this practice will be regular.

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