Car sharing drivers will be checked in Moscow


“In order to improve road safety and prevent crime during the operation of carsharing cars and taxis, units of the capital’s State Traffic Inspectorate will conduct an enhanced preventive raid from November 22 to November 28,” the press service reported.

According to the capital’s traffic police, in the first 10 months of 2023, more than 105 thousand traffic violations were detected by car sharing drivers and more than 282 thousand violations by taxi drivers. In addition, during this period of time in Moscow there were 385 accidents involving short-term rental cars and 1,503 accidents involving taxis.

On September 1, the taxi law came into force, which prohibits drivers with a serious criminal history and three or more unpaid fines for violating traffic rules from driving a taxi. Also, taxis must have a color scheme on the body consisting of squares of a contrasting color, arranged in a checkerboard pattern, and an orange light on the roof.

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