The quality of life in Sevastopol has fallen far behind neighboring Crimea

The quality of life in Sevastopol has fallen far behind neighboring Crimea
The quality of life in Sevastopol has fallen far behind neighboring Crimea

In terms of quality of life, Sevastopol became 5th among Russian cities, behind Tyumen, St. Petersburg, Grozny and Moscow. This is evidenced by the results of surveys conducted within the framework of a project by the Institute of Socio-Economic Research of the Financial University under the Government of the Russian Federation.

Residents of various Russian cities were asked to indicate how they assess the level of their material well-being, the availability of real estate and medicine, ecology and culture, as well as the quality of roads, law enforcement, etc.

Based on the report, Sevastopol became a leader primarily due to the environment and roads. But the residents of the hero city could not highly evaluate their material well-being, affordability of housing, medicine, education, culture, regional economy or business conditions.

It will come as some surprise to many that Sevastopol residents are satisfied with the work of the housing and communal services in maintaining the housing stock and improving the city.

Another new thing: a very low level of conflict in social relations has been recorded in Sevastopol. For comparison: based on the results of 2021, Sevastopol was the first in Russia by the prevalence of “destructive behavior” in the population. That year, the hero city took 12th place in the ranking. Best performance in 2019 were found in the medicine of Sevastopol. The city itself was in 8th place in the ranking.

In 2023, in total, Sevastopol scored 73.7 conditional points. Simferopol with 68.5 points is significantly lower – in 33rd place. Simferopol needs to work on the standard of living, accessibility of culture and education, improve medicine and the environment, and do something about the parameters “conflict in social relations” and “anxiety of the population.”

Nikolai Swedski

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