“Krutov’s complaint is the height of fantasy art” / 73online.ru

“Krutov’s complaint is the height of fantasy art” / 73online.ru
“Krutov’s complaint is the height of fantasy art” / 73online.ru

The Ulyanovsk Regional Court recognized as legal the cancellation of the resolution to terminate the fraud case brought against businessman Eduard Shabalin (Part 3 of Article 159 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation). The close attention of the security forces to the person of the ex-director of the Volga-Sport Arena, he believes, is the result of a long-standing conflict with his former business partner Alexander Krutov. The trial may take a new turn.

The conflict dragged on for 12 years

Eduard Shabalin’s criminal problems began long before the high-profile story of the theft of three paintings by Nikas Safronov. The security forces targeted the businessman after he parted ways with his comrade Alexander Krutov.

The friends owned the company “Present” in equal shares, which they created together at the end of the “dashing 90s”. The partners rented the Pioneer cinema, where they opened a nightclub. In 2010, they bought the building (a cultural heritage site, by the way) for 22 million rubles. But in 2012, a black cat ran between them. Krutov divorced his wife, half of the business went to her, and she sold the share of Present LLC to Shabalin, who took the once common company under personal control.

“Pioneer” in 2010. Photo: yandex.ru/maps

After this, the police received a statement from Mr. Krutov. The restaurateur suspected his former friend of trying to take possession of common property by creating a debt of 9 million rubles on the company’s balance sheet, allegedly using a fake creditor. Law enforcement officers conducted an investigation, but refused to initiate a criminal case. This decision was overturned by the Leninsky District Court.

History repeated itself almost fifty times. In the final version, Krutov’s claims concerned an “unidentified person” from among the management of Present LLC, who, in the period from 2010 to 2013, allegedly stole a quarter of a million rubles from him by deception. A criminal case was initiated and terminated under Part 3 of Art. 159 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation. At the end of last year, the prosecutor’s office achieved the reversal of this decision. Shabalin appealed the decision in the regional court.

Shabalin may become a defendant in a criminal case

Krutov did not show up for the next meeting. His interests were represented by Rafik Akhmadiev. He looked respectable: the silver tie clip was especially striking. Shabalin, on the contrary, dressed simply, as if to emphasize that the trials in this case had become commonplace and part of his life. Only the dazzling gold watch on his left hand stood out somewhat from the general row. Next to the businessman was lawyer Irina Pretkel.

The main speaker was Shabalin, who delivered a speech honed over the years of a criminal case that stuck like a bath leaf. The entrepreneur emphasized that no new circumstances were discovered in the case, and it was terminated not because of “terry red tape,” but as a result of a painstaking investigation:

— There are no signs to cancel the investigator’s decision. I consider Krutov’s complaint to be the height of fantasy art. He misleads the investigation and the court. At the stage of the criminal investigation, everything was done in full, and the proceedings began when the Arbitration Court reduced his share in the company.

The businessman recalled that there are statutes of limitations. Pretkel added that the only argument of the prosecution is the absence of a confrontation, but it is not mandatory and does not affect the outcome of the case.

Akhmadiev finished his speech quickly, apologized and asked to be released from further participation: “I blocked the passage with my car, they wrote a text message half an hour ago.” The lawyer was released, and he almost ran out of the room.

Shabalin asked the judge to attach his speech to the materials of the trial in written form. Since he used the text only partially, the judge asked to read out what he had written in its entirety – under the audio protocol. The businessman carefully pulled out the glasses, wrapped in a rag, from the case, put them on and quickly read out the contents of the sheets.

The position of the prosecutor’s office has not changed. State prosecutor Vadim Burkin, who, by the way, participated in the high-profile case of defrauded shareholders of Maxims LLC, emphasized that it is possible to dismiss the case due to the lack of corpus delicti only in relation to a specific person, but this is precisely what is not indicated in the resolution.

Judge Zoya Demkova listened to the parties and retired to the deliberation room. She came out with a decision to leave Shabalin’s complaint unsatisfied, and the district court’s decision remained in force. The businessman refused to communicate with the 73online.ru correspondent.

In a practical sense, this may mean that the ex-director of the sports palace in Zasviyazhye will become a defendant in a criminal case, but the likelihood of another termination is almost one hundred percent.

— The crime was committed in 2013, the statute of limitations under Part 3 of Art. 159 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation – ten years. This means that the case will be terminated in any case, provided that the person involved agrees to this. If he insists on his innocence, the case may go to trial.

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