Queen of sex parties of billionaires: New compromising evidence can “bury” Amber Heard

Queen of sex parties of billionaires: New compromising evidence can “bury” Amber Heard
Queen of sex parties of billionaires: New compromising evidence can “bury” Amber Heard

American journalist Jessica Reed Kraus published a large multi-part interview dedicated to the career of the controversial Hollywood actress Amber Heard. And the material may well completely “bury” the career of the actress, which is already bursting at the seams.

In the course of her investigation, Kraus found out that Heard was not only actively involved, but also helped organize sex parties for the richest people in the world. Moreover, she helped recruit girls for orgies, among whom were aspiring actresses.

So, the romance between Hurd and the entrepreneur Elon Musk began around 2011, when the latter and his wife hosted parties at their Beverly Hills residence. The girl quickly became a favorite of millionaires and billionaires due to the fact that she effectively forced other young actresses and girls into prostitution and escort services, most of whom were lesbians. Among them are the artist Tasia Van Ree and actress Cara Delevingne. It is known that the first met with Amber Heard, and the second is called one of her mistresses.

One of the interesting features of the actress is her ability to win over people. Some former friends of Heard admitted that they were so passionate about the girl that they forgave her for any manic breakdowns, mood swings and various unpleasant incidents.

Interlocutors of the journalist also called Amber Heard the queen of blackmail. By collecting dirt, she could force people to do what she needed. Presumably, this is how her connection with Elon Musk is explained.

One of the sources described one of the parties where young girls in satanic outfits entertained the rich. Amber Heard was sitting in the center of the orgy on a makeshift throne. The journalist also published in her material several photographs taken during such events.

Hurd is now seeking an appeal in a case that was won by her ex-husband. Johnny Depp. Compounding the problem is that the actress must pay off a debt to the actor in the amount of about $ 10 million, pay about 500 thousand dollars for an appeal, and also deal with legal bills.

Presumably, she wants to solve the problem through bankruptcy. However, do not forget that Amber Heard also shines criminal prosecution in Australia for dog smuggling.

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