To the release of “Translator”: 6 cool films with Jake Gyllenhaal

To the release of “Translator”: 6 cool films with Jake Gyllenhaal
To the release of “Translator”: 6 cool films with Jake Gyllenhaal

A selection of movies with Gyllenhaal, new films and series

frame from the film “Prisoners”

In a week, Guy Ritchie’s “Translator” will reign in the Russian box office. One of the main roles in the tape was played by Jake Gyllenhaal – one of the best Hollywood actors right now. Why is there no reason to recall some films from his biography and advise them to reconsider. Yes, of course, we will also tell you about new films and series of this week.

Films with Gyllenhaal

“Donnie Darko” (18+)

In 2001, Gyllenhaal starred in one of the most important films of the 2000s, directed by Richard Kelly. At first glance, it may seem like a hallucinogenic trip and a joke, but Donnie Darko is a complex movie – it is about painful growing up, albeit in an atmosphere filled with absurdity and absurdity.

The plot is simple: one gloomy day, Donnie Darko was walking on the street, and at that time, a turbine from an airplane unexpectedly collapsed into his bedroom. Darko was not hurt. A real miracle, but connected with a creature in a bunny suit who warned Donnie about the end of the world in 28 days.

“Zodiac” (18+)

Gyllenhaal has starred in most of the cult directors of our time during his career. In 2007, he appeared in a film by David Fincher himself and really shone even among other powerful actors, Mark Ruffalo and Robert Downey Jr.

The film is known to everyone, but the plot can be recalled. This is a story about the search for the Zodiac maniac, who for many years kept San Francisco in fear, mocked the police and actively communicated with reporters. The “slowest” and most important film of Fincher’s work.

“Source Code” (16+)

Gyllenhaal is a serious dramatic actor who also has films where action and drive override talented acting “antics”. So it happened with the film by Duncan Jones, in which the public does not follow the artists, but only wants to see the end of the story in the spirit of Groundhog Day.

Gyllenhaal played Coulter, a soldier who unexpectedly finds himself in the body of a man who died in a train accident. The hero must understand who started the attack, but for this Coulter will have to go through someone else’s death many times.

“Prisoners” (18+)

Another solid director in Jellenhaal’s film biography. Denis Villeneuve and his thriller Captives, in which Jay got a supporting role, but how he played it is pure art from a genius.

And the main role was played by Hugh Jackman, who plays the heartbroken father. His little daughter and girlfriend are missing. Most likely, they were taken away by the owner of a dilapidated van standing nearby. The angry parent decides to conduct his own investigation, find the culprit and destroy him. Only detective Locky can stop the lynching.

“Stringer” (18+)

Not all Gyllenhaal play the good guys. In Dan Gilroy’s film, he played a real sociopath. The film was very much liked by critics, who most of all praised the script and skillful acting, frightening and fascinating at the same time.

Stringer is the story of Louis Bloom, who once filmed the aftermath of a car theft and then sold the footage to television. Louie was praised and encouraged to continue filming shock news. Bloom misunderstood the task and soon began to create criminal content himself.

“Destruction” (18+)

Jean-Marc Vallee’s film about overcoming an identity crisis, a touching movie that makes Gyllenhaal give all his best and knock out a tear and the audience with his eyes full of pain. The actor copes with this work beyond praise.

The story of Davis, whose wife died, but after her death, the man feels nothing. Then Davis starts writing letters to a vending machine service company. In these messages, the hero talks about his personal life. At the same time, Davis realizes that he simply must disassemble the computer and refrigerator. Moreover, he must destroy his own house to the ground.

To the cinema

“Directly Kakha. Another movie “(18+)

For some mystical reason, the feature film “Directly Kakha” in 2020 collected a decent box office. Therefore, the comedy got a chance for a sequel, which was also shot by Viktor Shamirov. “Another Movie” – new adventures of Kakha and Sergo, who this time cease to be bosom friends. Why? I’ll have to go to the cinema and find out.

“Be Salvador Dali” (16+)

The author of “American Psycho” Mary Harron made a film about one of the main artists and creators in the history of mankind. There are only stars in the cast of the project, from Ben Kingsley to Ezra Miller.

In the center of the plot of the tape is James, who must get Dali to participate in a large exhibition in New York. But Salvador has huge problems in his personal life, his marriage is bursting at the seams and there is no time to make art. Will James be able to fix everything in the shortest possible time?

“Runaway” (18+)

Gerard Butler fights and runs again in Rick Roman Waugh’s new action movie (Criminal, Shot in the Void). Butler plays Harris, a CIA operative who has failed on a mission and must now escape Afghanistan from the best mercenaries in the world. The only chance for salvation is to get to Kandahar, but even here an enemy bullet can wait for Harris.


Fast and Furious 10 was in limited release. The endless family saga continues under the roar of engines and the smell of burnt tires. Dominic Toretto, oddly enough, has a new opponent, now played by “Aquaman” Jason Momoa.


“Cat” is a detective from Start, authored by Karen Oganesyan. The story of Oksana Koshkina, who returned to work in the Kaliningrad police. As a child, the girl experienced a terrible tragedy and since then she remembers only fragments of what happened. When children begin to disappear in the city, Koshkina realizes that behind this is a large-scale criminal scheme that has affected her as well.

Purification – Hulu has a thriller with Guy Pearce and Teresa Palmer in the lead roles. A film adaptation of Joshua Pomare’s novel about a woman who has to stop members of a mysterious cult engaged in kidnapping children.

“Fubar” – Arnold Schwarzenegger in the action-comedy “Netflix” about a father and daughter who work in the CIA, but hide it from each other. When danger arises, they will have to join forces and along the way find out why their relationship has been built on lies all these years.

“Platonic Relationships” is an Apple TV+ drama with Seth Rogen and Rose Byrne. The show is about friends who start to communicate after several years of breakup. Awkward first meetings again develop into a strong friendship that will shake the everyday life of both heroes.

“Chinese American” – Disney+ has an all-star action comedy “Everything Anywhere, All At Once” ready. A story about a Chinese immigrant student whose life is completely turned upside down after meeting another student. The hero is then forced to participate in the war of the gods of Chinese mythology.

“Gryphon” – Amazon Prime Video presents a fantasy from Germany about the outcast Mark, who must save humanity from the forces of evil. To do this, the guy enters into a mortal battle in the parallel world of the Black Tower.

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