All photos of BTS’s V and BLACKPINK’s Jennie leaked online

HYBE Labels and YG Entertainment have yet to respond to the latest dating rumors of their artists, In and from bts and Jenny from BLACKPINK. Rumors have emerged due to new “leaked” photos of the couple together.

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It is currently unclear if any of these photos are genuine, but ARMY and BLINK support the idols. Many defend the right Jenny and In and to a free life, urging everyone to support the stars, regardless of the outcome of the rumors.

  1. Jeju Island
    Relationship rumor speculation In and and Jenny started in December 2021 after In and accidentally signed up Jenny. However, the first leaked “date photo” did not appear until May 2022. At the time, several Korean media outlets reported that the stars were spending time together on Jeju Island, a popular vacation spot for couples, friends, families, and tourists.

In anticipation of an official statement, fans carefully examined the photo for photoshop and searched the Internet for photos that could be used as sources. ARMY pointed out the similarity between the photo and the scene with In and and j-hope from the reality show ‘BTS In the SOOP’.

BLINK, on ​​the other hand, pointed out that the woman in the photo was wearing sunglasses. Jenny GENTLE MONSTER but her hair color doesn’t match the color she had Jenny while she was visiting Jeju.

In response to the photo YG Entertainment released the following statement:We have nothing to say“.

  1. Backstage photo
    This week, the first of three new photos of the alleged couple went viral online. On it is a woman who looks like Jennyphotographs In andwhen the stylist curls his hair.

Unlike the Jeju Island photo, fans weren’t able to immediately find the existing shots. In and and Jennydisproving the authenticity of the photograph. Some fans suspect that this is a real photo that was stolen from the phone Jenny, while others believe that a photograph can combine two separate photographs taken privately. Since fans would not have access to the original photos, it would be difficult to prove any photo manipulation.

However, as some netizens pointed out, Jenny and In and were in Los Angeles at the same time, wearing the accessories seen in their alleged photo.

  1. Flat In and
    Second new “date photo” In and and Jennie were posted online by @gurumiharibo, the same person who posted the backstage photo. It depicts Jenny and In anddressed in the same clothes, in the hallway of the apartment In and.

The apartment seems to be the same, the photo of which In and posted on his social media. Once again, fans struggled to find the original photos.

One netizen claims that the author of the uploaded photos has edited the images to get money from them. To understand the situation, he contacted the author by e-mail as a potential client. They offered to pay him to co-edit the two celebrities. The author was interested in accepting the work in exchange for a three-figure sum.

Fans say that as soon as the investigation began, the author admitted that he faked a photo from behind the scenes and an apartment selfie.

“The purpose of the author is just to make a mess and make money”
“The edits he made were taken from another original photo”
lol the truth finally came out
Taehyung and Jenny dragged into relationship rumors from photos that were edited…”

  1. Balloon Jenny
    Earlier this week Jenny shared a photo of the gifts she received from Hera Beauty, including balloons. Before publication Jenny blurred the background, hiding her location.

The balloon on the left reflected what some netizens thought looked like an apartment In and.

Detective fans compared reflection details to an apartment In andbut nothing about location Jenny not confirmed.


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