10 most expensive k-pop music videos

What kind of music videos have never been seen by fans in the history of the K-pop industry. Undoubtedly, a good music video requires a lot of investment. However, it is worth noting that there are also cheap, but quite successful clips, but this is rather an exception to the rule. Some companies invest a lot of money on the production of clips, and some are not ready for such investments.

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Below you will see the top 10 most expensive music videos in the history of k-pop (*only clips with a confirmed budget are included).

T-ara “Cry Cry”

The production of this clip cost as much as 1,000,000 US dollars. T-ara shot not just a clip, but almost a movie! Actors, scenery and extras cost the company a lot.

B.A.P One Shot

The clip cost $900,000 to produce. However, it is worth noting that this clip raised BAP to a new level.

Gangkiz “Honey Honey”

This video also cost US$900,000 to produce. 10 years ago Gangkiz put in a lot of effort to promote the track Honey Honey. They shot several versions of this video at once!


Another clip worth $900,000. The company obviously did not try to save money on this video: shooting in Los Angeles, renting a Universal studio and good production. However, it was worth it! Fans love this video INFINITE.

S.E.S. “Love”

The production of the video cost US$700,000. It is worth noting that this clip was released in 1999. At that time, such a cost for the video was simply astronomical.

2NE1 “Come Back Home”

The production of the video cost $500,000. Processing and editing the clip to create the right atmosphere in it cost YG Entertainment such a large amount.

MAMAMOO Decalcomanie

The production of the video cost US$300,000. The aesthetic of this video was just perfect for the song “Decalcomanie”so the investment justified itself by 100%.


The production of the video cost US$270,000. One of the great clips of the band, which fits perfectly with their concept. EXO got confused with the production and it paid off.

AOA “Like a Cat”

The production of the video cost US$250,000. Clip “Like a Cat” is one of the band’s most well-produced music videos. The scenery and costumes also required investment. And it turned out to be a great video.

BIGBANG “Love Song”

The production of the video cost $200,000. At first glance, the clip looks pretty simple. But only for the sake of filming this clip YG Entertainment I had to make a runway on which all the scenery was placed.

This list includes only groups of 2 and 3 generations. There is no doubt that now there are clips whose budget is much larger. But it is almost impossible to make a similar rating with groups of 3rd and 4th generations, since companies do not disclose the cost of producing music videos. However, if it ever becomes possible, we will definitely write about it!

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