BLACKPINK accused of plagiarism but netizens just laugh

Recently aside BLACKPINK accusations flew that the video for their song Shut Down is a plagiarism of the work of a Hong Kong girl group.

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In a post posted on Korea’s largest online community website, a netizen shared that fans of the Hong Kong group Collar claim that the clip BLACKPINK is a plagiarism of a clip by a band called On/Off.

Fans of the Hong Kong girl group believe that Shut Down is a copy of the clip On/Off. For proof, they add subtitles to the clip and more


The author also attached frames from the clips of each group to the post for comparison. fans Collar the “stolen” scenes are believed to include the following:

1. Fur hats

2. Frames with cars

3. Footage from the bath

4. Footage from the elevator

5. Departure of the group, turned back to the viewer

6. Similar choreography

According to the author, most Hong Kong netizens still consider these “plagiarism proofs” to be inconclusive.

Most Hong Kong Blinks and Netizens Tell Fans to Stop Blaming BLACKPINK in plagiarism, because it’s already embarrassing, but the fans continue to insist on their own and argue that if this is not plagiarism, then at least a reference to the group


Korean netizens expressed the opinion that the similarities of the works are due to the scenes with a car and an elevator, which, in general, is very often used when filming clips. Netizens also noticed that footage from Shut Down are references to previous works BLACKPINKand if the clips are so similar, then it’s more appropriate to explain Collar.

This is just ridiculous lol»

If there was the slightest resemblance, I would speak out, but what is it? LOL. Why don’t these fans claim that girls’ gender is also plagiarized?»

Are they serious? I rolled with laughter, barely seeing fur hats»

BLACKPINK refer to their previous clips. What are these fans talking about? lol»

Elevators, backs turned towards the audience… Isn’t that a cliché used by everyone?

There is a whole carload of clips with the same scenes»

I almost laughed when I saw the fur hats as proof. Just look at the difference in the quality of these hats.»

I feel sorry for these fans for seriously claiming that a video of this quality is original»

At BLACKPINK the bathroom scene appeared in “Playing with fire”. She’s even on the preview»

What do you think about it? Both clips are pinned below:


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