Chinese karaoke bar fined for Chris Wu’s songs and videos

After the scandal and arrest Chris Wu on charges of rape, all content with his participation was removed from all platforms and sites.

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It turns out that the ban also applies to karaoke bars. Recently it became known that a karaoke bar in the Chinese province of Guangdong was fined for having two clips in their system. Chris Wu “Coffee” and “Dawn”. Inspection officials said that the institution violated two paragraphs of Article 13 of the “Regulations on the management of entertainment establishments”, which prohibits the use of content that is contrary to moral standards and national cultural traditions, as well as illegal content.

The karaoke bar was fined 10,000 yuan ($1,410). Some netizens expressed bewilderment. One netizen wrote: “If I sang these songs, would I also be fined?”, “It becomes a problem. The guilty actor must be punished, but what about his work, the fans should also be punished?

Other netizens said that the punishment for the karaoke bar is too harsh and unfair.

What do you think about the ban on the content of disgraced actors?

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