How to translate the track Moulaga from tiktok. The song in the spirit of the officers has become a trend

How to translate the track Moulaga from tiktok. The song in the spirit of the officers has become a trend
How to translate the track Moulaga from tiktok. The song in the spirit of the officers has become a trend

On Tiktok, Russian-speaking bloggers are actively dancing to the French rap Moulaga by Heuss l’Enfoiré. Medialeaks will tell you how a track in the spirit of officals became a trend and what it sings about.

What a trend for the song Moulaga. A song that many users of the application are looking for under the name “Mulaga, mulax” is viral on tiktok. This track is called Moulaga and was released back in 2019 by French rapper Heuss l’Enfoiré. In the spring of 2023, the song became a dance trend on the social network, which was quickly mastered by Russian-speaking bloggers.

The trend participants note that the track has a good beat and you just can’t get it out of your head. Along with the dance videos, there are also tutorials showing how to perform the movements for the Moulaga flash mob.

Tiktokers, who, according to them, know the translation of the song, assure other listeners that the track is “Ofnikov’s”. If some bloggers do not attach importance to the text and continue to dance to Moulaga, then others feel shame.

What is Moulaga song about. The translation of the Moulaga song has become a stumbling block for tiktok users. At first, the trend participants wondered what language it was sung in – it turned out that Heuss l’Enfoiré reads in French. But this did not make it any easier, because the text is replete with colloquial words and terms that are used mostly in rap culture, because of this, the translation options diverge.

The main riddle for the listeners was the words moulaga And moulaxwhich are considered derivatives of the term la moula. The colloquial word moula is ambiguous, if earlier it meant money (the colloquial equivalent in Russian is loot), then over the years it also began to mean drugs, illegal substances, alcohol. The translation and meaning of this word and its derivatives depends on the context, which often remains a mystery even for native speakers. Rapper Heuss l’Enfoiré helped spread the word.

The line from the chorus of Donnez-moi d’la moulaga should be translated as “Give me the dough” or “Give me illegal substances.” But the phrases “On est sous moulax” are often translated as “We are under the influence of money” or “We are with grandmas”, but the option “We are under illegal substances / smoked” seems even more appropriate.

Donnez-moi d’la moulaga
En survêt’ dans l’carré, on est sous moulax.
Ju-JuL, Heuss L’enfoire, que des grosses moulax.
(“Give me the dough.
We’re in sweatpants in the VIP area, we’re on drugs (smoky).
Ju-JuL, Heuss L’enfoiré, big money only”)

In the original video, the performers and the team are dancing in tracksuits, slippers, caps and purses overweight by the pool and a room smoked with fumes from a hookah. In the video, they sing about a luxurious life full of entertainment and girls.

Earlier, Medialeaks told how the rude meme “The dork has no rights” inspired tiktokers to cover. Now they sing about female supremacy under keypop and rock.

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