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Oh, these memes with brutal guys and “boy” quotes. Now it is clear where they come from. This content is inspired by the blog Jason Statham.

The actor shared a new frame on the occasion of the premiere of the 10th part “Fast and Furious”. The brutality of the photo rolls over. Statham in the image of Deckard Shaw with a stern look and weapons in his hands.

The only thing missing is an appropriate pathos signature. Jason, don’t worry, subscribers from Russia did everything for you. Our compatriots have long dismantled Statham’s photo into memes and attribute to the actors even those phrases that he did not say.

Under the new photo, the Russians also came off in full. Here are just a few of their comments:

“I generally do what I want, I want implants – I call the doctor”;

“Live-shi write from the heart”;

“There are always two roads in life: one is the first, and the other is the second”;

“As my grandfather used to say, “I am your grandfather””;

“Work is not a wolf, work is a worker. And the wolf is walking”;

“If there is a paradise in the world, then this is the Krasnodar Territory”;

“Without soles, slippers are just rags.”

Each quote is authored by Statham. Yes, anyone would envy his “fantasy”. Now imagine Jason’s face when he translated all 10,000 comments.


One of the followers went further and made an interesting offer:

“Jason, we invite you to Russia to make a presentation at the Ministry of Culture. Your quotes have brightly entered our life and become a national treasure.

There have always been enough fake statements of the actor on the Internet. Keep the funniest ones:

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