Andrei Makarevich spoke about the day Evgeni Margulis left the Time Machine group


As Evgeny Margulis admitted in an early interview, Andrei Makarevich, who was included in the register of foreign agents, was offended by his departure from the Time Machine group.

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Makarevich himself responded to the interview and Margulis’s words, visiting the same studio and the same interviewer. As the leader of “Time Machine” admitted, he was very surprised by the words of his former bandmate about the resentment he felt on the day he left the team. According to Makarevich, there can be no question of any resentment – their creative paths with Margulis simply diverged.

Photo source: Yandex pictures

“I was terribly surprised when he suddenly said in your program that I was offended by his departure from the Time Machine,” StarHit quoted Andrei Vadimovich as saying. “For some reason he decided that he would leave and the Time Machine would end its existence.” . In his head it was like an immutable fact. So he said: “I’m leaving, let’s play farewell tours.” I said: “Zhen, wait. There are two different questions. If you want to leave the team, that’s your business, and Is this a farewell tour? We’re not going to finish”

Photo source: Yandex pictures

The leader of the “Time Machine” group claims that at the very moment when Evgeniy started talking about the farewell tour, he was noticeably surprised by the reaction of the other participants. Makarevich suspects that Margulis believed that the group was based on him, but he miscalculated, because the participants refused to leave the group after him.

Let us recall that after the start of Russia’s special operation in Ukraine, Andrei Makarevich left the country, moving to live in Israel.

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