Netizens are shocked that HYBE NewJeans members were in BTS’ music video

At one point, K-pop seemed to be dominated by male groups. However, the girls seem to be taking over, with some of the hottest performers being girl groups. Lately, one of the rookie groups that netizens can’t stop talking about is the first sub-label group HYBE ADORwomen’s group New Jeans.

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Unlike other idol groups, New Jeans made a huge impression by releasing an entire music video before any details about the members were released.

The catchy song immediately caught the attention of netizens with its lyrics, concept, and the members’ looks.

Of course, when the video was released, everyone wanted to know more about the band. Although netizens have the names of the members, most of the information about them is unconfirmed and based on past content.

In particular, two members instantly caught fans’ attention with their K-pop backgrounds, and these are the two oldest members, Honey and Minji.



According to sources, both idols were born in 2004. Minji – Korean, and Honey – Vietnamese.

Netizens quickly realized that this was not the first time they had seen the girls. In particular, many sharp-eyed ARMYs noticed that the girls made their debut in the music video bts in 2021.

Last July bts captured the hearts of netizens around the world by releasing the music video for their track “Permission To Dance”. Then the attention of the fans was attracted by three schoolchildren dressed in uniform.

The male high school student in this year’s clip turned out to be Leo, one of the members of “Trainee A”. And now netizens know that the two schoolgirls from the music video are Minji and Honey.

When the video was first released, many expected them to become members Girls Planet 999 or newest group SOURCE MUSIC. However, now we see that they have made it into the debut group. ADOR.

It seems like both Korean and international netizens can’t wait to find out more about the newest girl group.


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