Japan has expanded sanctions against Russia. Russian companies and military command of the Russian Federation were subject to restrictions


The Japanese authorities have expanded restrictions against Russia by adding 17 individuals and 78 organizations to the sanctions list, the press service of the country’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs reports.

In particular, the Federal Service for Military-Technical Cooperation, the Advanced Research Foundation, NPO named after N.I. Lavochkin, Skoltech, Central Research Institute Elektropribor, JSC Enix, Central Research Institute Burevestnik, Ryazan Plant of Metal-Ceramic Instruments, Central Research Institute Cyclone, NPP Elektronstandart, Ural Plant of Civil Aviation.

Of the individuals, the new restrictions affected the chief of staff of the Russian group of forces “West” Lieutenant General Mikhail Zusko, the commander of the airborne troops of the Russian Federation, Colonel General Mikhail Teplinsky, the commander of the 90th Guards Tank Division Ramil Ibatullin, and the commander of the strategic missile forces Sergei Karakaev . In addition to them, journalist Olga Skabeeva, as well as a number of officials from the annexed DPR, LPR, Zaporozhye and Kherson regions, fell under the sanctions.

In addition, Japan banned the provision of construction and engineering services to Russia, as well as the export of goods “contributing to the strengthening of Russia’s industrial potential.”

The G7 countries announced their intention to expand sanctions against Russia at the G7 summit, which was held in Hiroshima on May 19-21. In particular, the UK, Canada, the USA and Australia have already introduced new restrictive measures.

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