A native of Russia, Dagestan Amir Ibragimov signed a contract with the English “Manchester United”, details of who he is

Against the backdrop of Anthony’s high-profile transfer, few people noticed that Manchester United signed a contract with another player on the same day – Amir Ibragimov. Although, seriously, the contract with the 15-year-old Dagestani could go unnoticed, even if Manchester United had 0 transfers this summer. But in vain! His story deserves attention.

How did Ibragimov end up in Manchester?

Amir Ibragimov’s family moved to England when he was 11 years old. Before Manchester United, he played at the Sheffield United academy. In 2017, the scout of this team said that Amir was accepted into the team after an open screening for everyone.

Soon Ibragimov moved to the Manchester United academy (Manchester is located 60 kilometers from Sheffield). And now the young footballer has signed an agreement with the Red Devils, according to which he will remain at the club until he signs a professional contract at the age of 17. The Manchester Evening News claims that clubs from all over Europe have shown interest in the player.

What did Ibragimov achieve at Manchester United?

Ibragimov has already received the captain’s armband and a contract with a major technical sponsor. In addition to playing for the Manchester United U15 team, Amir has already been involved with the Manchester United U16 and even the Manchester United U18 teams. Moreover, the young striker played for the U18 team until his 15th birthday. The Manchester Evening News called his progress “exceptional”. Metro claims Ibragimov is “one of the academy’s most valuable players”.

Last season Ibragimov’s team took the Albert Phelan Cup. In the decisive match against Manchester City, it was Amir who scored the only goal – from the penalty spot. And last month, his team won the Northern Ireland Super Cup NI, beating Glasgow Rangers in the final.

Amir Ibragimov with the Albert Phelan Cup

Photo: from the personal archive of Amir Ibragimov

Amir’s 12-year-old brother, Gazi Ibragimov, also performs at the Manchester United academy. It was reported that the sons of Cristiano Ronaldo and Wayne Rooney are involved in the team with him.

How did Ibragimov become famous outside of England?

One penalty in the performance of Amir became famous throughout the world. In a match with the youth team of Tottenham, the striker ran into the penalty area with the ball and fell on the lawn. It seemed that he was knocked down by an opponent, but in fact Ibragimov just slipped.

He told the referee about this, but he upheld the penalty. As a result, it was Ibragimov who went to beat, who, without a run-up, weakly rolled the ball right into the hands of the goalkeeper. The match ended with a score of 2:2, and the video went viral and gained 60,000 likes.

How did the Russian team miss the footballer?

In August, a native of Dagestan was called up to the England youth team. Last week, the striker scored a hat-trick and his team won 4-3. “Great experience with England. There is even more ahead, ”Ibragimov commented on his trip to the national team on his social network.

In the England U15 team

In the England U15 team

Photo: from the personal archive of Amir Ibragimov

It is possible that this player will still play for the Russian national team. He still has the opportunity to change the national team. Although whether the attacker has this desire is a big question. Especially in a situation where it is not clear when the youth team of Russia will again participate in international tournaments.


“Championship” asked the RFU for a comment and received a response

“The Russian national team for players under 15 was formed in November 2021, held several selection camps, but has not yet participated in official matches, since they are not held at this age. The current situation significantly complicates the call-up of players from other countries, but the RFU continues to track young players and, of course, will call them up to the national teams if their level meets the requirements,” the RFU communications service said.

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