Figure skating – Medvedeva vs. Medvedeva film review, how the premiere of the film about Evgenia Medvedeva went, figure skating latest news – November 20, 2023

Figure skating – Medvedeva vs. Medvedeva film review, how the premiere of the film about Evgenia Medvedeva went, figure skating latest news – November 20, 2023
Figure skating – Medvedeva vs. Medvedeva film review, how the premiere of the film about Evgenia Medvedeva went, figure skating latest news – November 20, 2023

The organizers symbolically planned the long-awaited premiere of the documentary film “Medvedeva VS Medvedeva” on the 24th birthday of the two-time world champion. Since November 23, the film has been released in wide release in many cities of Russia, and the center of the events of the first screening was New Arbat – the very heart of the capital. In the summer, fans saw a preliminary version in Gorky Park, but in a few months the picture was finally finalized.

At the entrance, guests were greeted by a real red carpet with a corresponding poster.

Friends and colleagues of Medvedeva, including those from figure skating, walked through it as guests of honor.

Ilya Averbukh:

— Zhenya has stepped beyond figure skating, she is developing in various roles. I think that in the film, viewers will feel the versatility of her wife’s talent. Films like these unite and motivate the future generation. This is a big social project. I hope it will be in demand among viewers.

In honor of my birthday, Lisa and I [Арзамасовой] gave her a small thing. It is quite symbolic, the capital letter “M” is there. I think she will remind Zhenya that she is always the first for us.

Dmitry Soloviev:

— I’ve known Zhenya for many years, we worked a lot together in sports, and at the same time we went to different competitions. I remember her as a very little girl, when she was just beginning to reach great heights in sports. Even then I knew that Zhenya would become a great athlete. The potential is immediately visible in a purposeful person, especially when he is surrounded by the right people – mentors, friends. Such a person cannot fail to become a big star.

She had a twinkle in her eye and knew her way. Even then she understood that big sport was her path, and it would be very bright in any case. With all her qualities that have always been there – determination and knowledge of this road – now there is confidence in what she is doing, that she is doing everything right. All the projects that now involve her, or even have her in leading roles, are successful simply because Zhenya has not limited herself only to figure skating and success in figure skating, she also takes a much broader view. I like her understanding that life is not limited to figure skating. She finds new moments in life from which she takes everything.

Roman Kostomarov:

– We know [с Оксаной Домниной] Evgeniy is exactly six years old. Probably, after the end of Zhenya’s career, we became better acquainted, before that we watched, observed her victories and successes.

A beautiful girl, she won beautifully. Everything comes together in it. Hard work and perseverance are what led her to success.

— What did you give her for her birthday?
– Myself. And flowers, of course! Beautiful girls should be given flowers. And ugly too. All girls should be given flowers.

— How to overcome yourself and circumstances?
– It is not simple. The main thing is that there is a desire for this. If you have the desire, then you can overcome any difficulties.

Based on the summer pre-show, it was clear that the really difficult moments in a career were shown with the addition of Zhenya’s trademark humor. A few minutes before the start, live confirmation of this happened in the cinema. The figure skater was invited onto the stage for a welcoming speech, but in the process of exiting, Medvedeva tripped and fell. Naturally, turning everything into a joke.

“The film you are about to see will show that figure skating is more than medals. And my appearance on stage showed: those who did not fall did not rise.”– Evgeniy amused the audience.

Of course, there were congratulations. Many came to the premiere with flowers and gifts to please the birthday girl. At some point, Medvedeva had to ask for help because she couldn’t cope with so many bouquets.

Medvedeva herself did not see the full picture until her birthday, only fragments. Therefore, in some way, the premiere happened for her too. Despite the huge number of seats in the hall, there was almost a sold-out on Arbat. The audience was very enthusiastic about all the important moments shown in the film – they clapped wildly during the winning episodes, and the heartbreaking story about the death of their grandmother brought some to tears.

After the screening, Medvedeva answered several questions from the audience. It’s logical that they immediately asked about her own emotions from the film.

– How does it feel to look at yourself? What did you feel?
“Nowadays it’s called a cringe.” I had this feeling a couple of times during the movie. But in fact, it was interesting to watch, to remember something myself. And it is important for me that they told a lot about my grandmother. It seems to me that she would be sitting here in the front row, as the biggest fan of everything connected with me.

— What is more difficult: commentating on the Olympics or riding them?
– No offense to journalists, but it was easier to comment than to perform on the ice. I noticed how, a year after the Beijing Olympics, my speech had changed, how much clearer it had become, how much more clearly I could express my thoughts. This is a very important aspect of my life, because at the moment my focus has shifted: I am no longer on the ice, but in the frame. I can’t call myself a journalist, because I don’t have such an education – that would be too arrogant. But I’m trying. Many people call me a blogger, but oh well. But if this gives me some kind of speaking experience, then I’m probably a blogger, commentator, interviewer. Anyone, just teach me to speak normally!

— Can figure skating be about pleasure?
— A child comes to sports, and he begins to succeed. Provided that all roads are open: you can either go win the Olympics with your skills, or ride for fun. What will you choose? Probably to win the Olympics. The Olympics are not won for fun. There is an interesting phrase: true art is born in pain. This is partly true, because you won’t be able to do the quadruple jumps, which you need to win with now, with pleasure. These are hours of training in the gym, this is soreness, these are injuries. Sport is a lot of work. For pleasure… Well, now I go to the gym for pleasure. But the gym for health and maintaining a figure is one thing, but for maintaining figure skating at the world level is completely different. There other moments bring pleasure.

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