PFL bought Bellator – All boxing news and ultimate fights on

PFL bought Bellator – All boxing news and ultimate fights on
PFL bought Bellator – All boxing news and ultimate fights on

New format of promotion tournaments Scott Coker and megashow “Champions vs. Champions” in 2024 – all the details of a crazy deal that will change MMA.

So, it’s done. After months of persistent rumors, the promotion PFL bought a promotion Bellator. The co-founder of PFL officially announced this Donn Davis.

Briefly about what happened and what awaits us:

– The transaction amount is not disclosed.

– Paramount (former owner of Bellator) will remain a minority shareholder of the company.

– Bellator will not disappear, it will continue to exist in a “reimagined” format called the Bellator International Champions Series (BICS). The promotion will hold 8 events per year with 2 title fights on each card.

– Bellator fighters will be able to compete in the PFL, participating in both the $1,000,000 Grand Prix and “super series” tournaments for stars like Francis Ngannou and Jake Paul.

– A “mega-tournament” will be held in 2024, pitting the Bellator champions against the PFL champions.

– Davis states that the roster of the new conglomerate PFL + Bellator is identical to the UFC roster – both have 30% of the fighters from the world top 25.

These are all the known details for now.

Well, firstly, interesting matchmaking opportunities open up, including the participation of the guys from FEDOR TEAM in the Grand Prix and PFL superfights.

Secondly, it seems that for the first time since PRIDE, the UFC has not a hypothetical, but a real competitor who has a top roster of fighters and access to supposedly unlimited funding from the Saudis.

And all this just as the antitrust lawsuit against the UFC got off the ground, fugitive slave Francis Ngannou in the camp of the enemy and is tearing up ratings, including in boxing, and the anniversary super-duper tournament UFC 300 there is no one to fill it with except downed pilots and characters of no interest to anyone.

Fun fact – 10 days ago Vince McMahon (the founder of WWE, who was forced into obscurity due to a sex scandal, but who remains the first person in the industry) leaked 8.4 million shares of TKO (a new organization, the union of WWE and UFC) worth about $700,000,000. Why do this if the creators of an organization born yesterday are vying with each other to promise it a successful future?

Perhaps the ice in the wooly swamp of modern MMA has finally broken, the orthodox gentlemen are sick. Load ultravalidol in barrels


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