Figure skating results today, Elizaveta Khudaiberdieva and Egor Bazin won the Grand Prix stage in Samara details – November 19, 2023

Figure skating results today, Elizaveta Khudaiberdieva and Egor Bazin won the Grand Prix stage in Samara details – November 19, 2023
Figure skating results today, Elizaveta Khudaiberdieva and Egor Bazin won the Grand Prix stage in Samara details – November 19, 2023

Ice dancing in Russia has long ceased to lend itself to any logic. This applies to everything – from relationships between athletes to ratings and performances.

At the Grand Prix stage in Samara they made their debut at the competition Sofia Tyutyunina and Matvey Grachev. While the broken duets are slipping away, Tyutyunina quickly found a replacement Andrey Bagin and already in November performed with a new partner. This decision seems quite unexpected, since there is absolutely no time to choreograph new dances and practice them. Perhaps competitive experience will help the couple reach their peak form faster.

So far, the free dance to the hits of the performer Kovacs looks very weak. All elements were done at a basic level; the partner had a fall on the track on one leg. Therefore, Tyutyunina/Grachev scored only 99.81 points for the rental and 167.10 in total. In the end, only eighth place.

Bronze Sofia Leontyeva and Daniil Gorelkin. It’s safe to say that they have the brightest and most memorable dance this season. “Snow White and the Huntsman”-2 with a modern soundtrack, Russian text on top and electronic beats looks very interesting and fresh.

This season, most of the dancers chose traditional and classic images, while Sophia and Daniil are trying to be memorable. There is a good reason for this – duo skating. While it is difficult for them to take wide steps and arcs, the coaching staff skillfully hides this with a complex rhythmic pattern and choreography. As a result, a fairly serious 115.96 points for the rental and 190.39 in total.

Irina Khavronina and David Narizhny took second place. They are constantly improving their technology, it is clear that problem areas are being worked on, and the technical team has fewer and fewer questions about the elements. The rental in Samara was not the most successful from a perception point of view. Despite the precise technique, everything looked quite slow and sluggish. So far, Irina and David cannot find a middle ground so that everything works out in their favor.

At the previous stage there were difficulties with the elements, but emotionally they gave the maximum. Here everything is the other way around. This duo had a difficult situation – a completely different level, school and approach. And now dancers are trying to find balance, pumping up all sides. But Russian judges are already putting them at the level of the top pair: 120.56 points for the rental, 201.16 in total.

Expected Elizaveta Khudayberdieva and Egor Bazin won the fifth stage of the Grand Prix. This season, the current champions of Russia justify their title with good and high-quality performances. It is in this duet that progress and changes are clearly visible – with each start the dance changes, the supports and paths become more complex.

The production for the cover of the song “I will always love you” is quite traditional, so it’s easy to experiment and try different solutions. We can say that Elizabeth and Yegor are already looking good.

What’s truly scary is their scores – 124.72 points for the free dance and 208.99 in total. The current world champions Chock/Bates received less the day before. It is clear that judging is different everywhere, but there are rating corridors, and Khudaiberdieva/Bazin, even though they are the leaders of the team, are definitely not among the top world dances.

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