Elena Isinbaeva, who “renounced” Russia, “revealed the truth” – Athletics

Elena Isinbaeva, who “renounced” Russia, “revealed the truth” – Athletics
Elena Isinbaeva, who “renounced” Russia, “revealed the truth” – Athletics
November 21, 2023 (00:59)

Olympic champion and world record holder in high jump Yelena Isinbayeva told the truth when talking about nominal military ranks, the Russian mixed style fighter said in an interview with News.ru Vyacheslav Datsikreports Sports.kz.

He believes that Isinbayeva’s homeland is no longer Russia.

“In fact, she revealed the truth. Here at CSKA they recruit people, they are paid, they perform, but they are not military personnel. Their titles are nominal. She told the truth. She has money there, in Spain, she has property there, she will speak so that her property will not be taken away. She is no longer in Russia and not with Russia. That’s why she says so,” Datsik said.

He added that Isinbayeva received titles for her “awesome” sporting achievements, but she is not a military person, and her homeland is where she is warm and where she has property.

In the summer of 2023, Isinbayeva renounced all her military ranks in Russia, calling them nominal. The athlete called herself a man of peace, and later deleted the photo with Russian President Vladimir Putin from social networks. She also suspended the work of her charitable foundation in Russia. Now the Olympic champion lives abroad.

The State Duma of the Russian Federation responded to the scandalous statements of Elena Isinbayeva

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