Dangerous rival Xiaomi began selling a super-cheap smartphone with a space-capacity battery in Russia

20 September 2022 15:44
20 Sep 2022 15:44



Under the Tecno brand, which occupied over 7% of the Russian mobile market in August 2022, the Pova Neo 2 smartphone was released. This is an inexpensive mobile phone worth from 12 thousand rubles. with a 7000 mAh battery. Tecno’s rapid rise in popularity makes it a serious competitor to Xiaomi, one of the most popular smartphone brands in Russia and in the world.

An impressive battery at a minimal price

Tecno informed CNews about the addition of the Pova Neo 2 model to its Russian range of smartphones. The main distinguishing features of monoblocks are their low price and a 7000 mAh battery with support for fast charging.

In Russia, the new Pova Neo 2 is presented in three body colors – black, silver and light blue. There are also three trim levels, of which the base one comes with 4 GB of RAM and 64 GB of internal memory and is estimated at 12 thousand rubles.

Also available flagship version with 6/128 GB of memory at a price of 14 thousand rubles. The cost of the intermediate version 4/128 GB was not disclosed at the time of the release of the material. The editors of CNews addressed this question to Tecno representatives and are waiting for a response.

The Pova Neo 2 has a built-in function of virtual memory expansion – up to 6 GB in the basic version and up to 11 GB in the top one. This is usually found in more expensive smartphones.

The developers have taken a very creative approach to solving the issue of the design of the rear panel.

Pova Neo 2 will appear in Russian retail on October 3, 2022.

Tecno is a Chinese brand known in Russia primarily for its smartphones, including designer models. However, by the end of autumn 2022, the first laptop in the history of the company, the Megabook T1, will also appear in Russia.

All available smartphone colors

Tecno is rapidly conquering the Russian mobile market – in August 2022 it reached 7.5% against 10.9% for Samsung and 9.7% for Apple. These two companies left Russia in the spring of 2022, so now the main competitors of Tecno are the Chinese Xiaomi and Realme, which are in no hurry to leave the Russian expanses, unlike the Chinese Huawei.

Screen and processor

In the smartphone Pova Neo 2 for 12 thousand rubles. Tecno has placed a screen with a diagonal of 6.82 inches based on an IPS matrix. Its resolution is 1640×720 pixels (HD + format), plus there is a refresh rate increased to 90 Hz.

Also, unlike most inexpensive smartphones, the Pova Neo 2 does not have a teardrop-shaped screen cutout for the camera. It is inscribed in a small round hole.

Inside the smartphone is a MediaTek Helio G85 processor. According to the developers, this is an entry-level gaming CPU.

The screen of Pova Neo 2 is obviously borrowed from more expensive models

The Helio G85 was released in April 2020 and has been manufactured on a 12nm process ever since. This is an eight-core solution, where two cores are Cortex A75 at 2 GHz, and the remaining six are Cortex A55 at 1.8 GHz.

Vadim Glushchenko, Center for Global IT Cooperation: Focusing on the East


In AnTuTu 9, the processor scores about 239 thousand points. In multi-core mode in GeekBench 5, it gives out about 1300 points, in single-core mode – a little less than 400.

Battery and cameras

The manufacturer claims that one charge of the battery in Pova Neo 2, given its capacity of 7000 mAh, is enough for two days of work with moderate use. Each user has their own scenarios for working with a smartphone, so 7000 mAh of “moderate use” can last for a week for someone, and for several hours for someone. For this reason, the manufacturer gave a more accurate indicator of autonomy – 31 hours of talk time without recharging.

The smartphone supports 18W fast charging via USB-C interface. The power supply, unlike the modern Apple iPhone 14, is included in the package.

The manufacturer claims more than a day of work on a single charge in talk mode

Tecno did not disclose the parameters of the smartphone’s cameras. Only the resolutions of the front (8 MP) and one of the main (16 MP) cameras are known. The secondary sensor on the rear panel is a depth sensor whose resolution has not been set.

Additional functions

New Tecno comes with two slots for SIM-cards and support for microSD cards up to 128 GB. The fingerprint scanner has been moved from the back panel to the side power button.

Mortgages for IT professionals: what is important to know

IT industry support

Pova Neo 2 supports 4G networks and runs Android 12 out of the box. This is one of the newest versions of Android – it was released in 2021.

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