My Way of the Warrior in Skyrim – DTF games

My Way of the Warrior in Skyrim – DTF games
My Way of the Warrior in Skyrim – DTF games

For the second time in 11 years, I completely completed Skyrim in 124 hours. At first, I tried not to use fast travel and walk from one city to another on foot. Tak walked from western Markarth to eastern Riften through Whiterun and felt the distance that exists between these cities, and also met several events along the way and a huge number of bears. The coolest thing is when you arrive at your destination and realize that you have actually come a long way. I really like that there are probably the most beautiful views in the games – almost everywhere you can see a large territory, including cities almost at the other end of the map.

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So, I got to the point where I need to take the side of the Empire or the Storm Brothers and went to complete side quests in order to finish them all and only the main quest remained, from which nothing would distract me. I stumbled upon the island from the Dragonborn add-on, then found the castle of vampires, which I did not see during the first passage. As I understand it, it was added in the supplement. In general, they took a lot of time, but it was interesting. True, according to the plot, I could not get to the vampires – the gates did not open, I had to use cheats to go through the walls.

Then I had an epic battle with dragons – this is when I came to take the quest in Morthal and then a dragon arrived. And I had shoes for walking on water, I ran out into the water, the townspeople ran around me and shot the dragon out of the bow, then the second dragon flew in, I enchanted him and he began to fight with another dragon. And all this with epic music. The coolest thing is that it was not scripted, but the game mechanics just worked.

In the end, I completed the final quest, almost all side quests, except for the dark brotherhood, endless generated quests and finding the stones of Barenziah. Then he came home to Whiterun to his wife and children, put everything in a chest, put weapons on the wall, sold unnecessary ones, put on ordinary clothes and now I’m thinking of starting to read books, which I’ve gained a lot during the passage, but so far I haven’t read almost any of them .

TES6 fan trailer

It is a pity that at some points the game did not give me a choice – for example, when it was necessary to convene representatives of the warring factions to the gray-beards, I began to help the Storm brothers (in the first passage I accidentally swore allegiance to the Empire, but then stopped the war with the gray-beards) and eventually had to attack Whiterun is my favorite city. Yes, and drive away the jarl, which I liked. And since I have a house there with my children and my wife, I was afraid that after this they would not talk to me at all. As a result, no one came to the gray-beards, but it was interesting to look at it again.

With mods, Whiterun looks like a city from Celtic legends

More monotonous dungeons with a lot of draugrs. To be honest, at the end I started using the cheat of passing through the walls in order to immediately go to the end of the cave, because. tired.

And after many hours, it is striking that the game as a constructor is assembled from the same assets, as in all Bethesda games, but at the beginning of the passage you do not pay attention to this.

In general, now I put everything in the chest and apart from magic I have nothing. If I continue to play, it will be more interesting if I am weak again and, for example, pump stealth, otherwise before that I had a powerful two-handed weapon. And maybe I’ll install mods, before that I wanted to play vanilla Skyrim. By the way, I played on a laptop and at the lowest settings the game looks good, only the draw distance is striking.

Skyrim fandom and this YouTube channel helped a lot in passing. And what were your interesting situations during the game?

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