New “G25” from Logitech – Hardware on DTF

New “G25” from Logitech – Hardware on DTF
New “G25” from Logitech – Hardware on DTF

Somehow, the news that Logitech finally came up with a new steering base, instead of the g25, which has gone through many reincarnations, but has not changed in essence, passed unnoticed: a gear and torque transmission to the steering wheel through a reduction, with all the consequences …

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But the market did not stand still, since the G25 was announced, it has changed dramatically: there were bases with a belt drive that evolved into direct drive, different types of steering wheels and steering wheels began to be used for different classes of cars, which led to the need to change the steering wheel and virtual racers , the pedals did not stand still and instead of the classic potentiometer and Hall sensor, they got LoadCell sensors that respond to the force of pressing, and not the stroke of the lever.

And where all this time were Logitech – in fact, nowhere, in a niche for beginners.

You can learn more about what steering bases and pedal sets are at the link: https://dtf. ru/hard/176567-ruli-i-pedali-krov-pot-i-slezy-simreysinga

Ignoring the era of belt-driven steering bases, the Swiss decided not to miss the feast in the world of direct drive solutions, where many less famous players on the mass market have already fled, from the American AccuForce to the Chinese Simagic.

So get acquainted, the first Direct Drive base from Logitech – PRO Racing Wheel


  • 11nM is more than Fanatec CSL DD (8nM with boost kit), Moza R9 (9nM) and Simagic Alpha Mini (10nM)
  • the size of the bagel is 30 cm, with a weight of 1500 g, – very worthy parameters
  • compatibility with Xbox or Playstation – again there is no universal solution that is compatible with all consoles
  • weight 7kg
  • dimensions HxLxW: 200x290x305 mm
  • fastening via a clamp or screws to the cockpit mounting plate
  • magnetic paddles on the steering wheel for gear shifting
  • double clutch on the petals
  • built-in display and tachometer

And now about the sad, the cost is 999USD, most likely the price is indicated without taxes, i.e. in Europe will be about 1200EUR.

What can you buy with delivery for this money? CSL DD + BMW GT2 steering wheel + pedals.

On the other hand, this is Logitech, which means that the product will be on the shelves of chain electronics stores, it will be possible to feel it, it will be easy to return it, there will be no problems with the guarantee, and all this works for the fact that it will be massive. And the mass character is good support in games and various promotions and discounts.

What about the pedals?

They were also made new.

In short, these are the best pedals for the money. They did not reinvent the wheel, but copied the developments from the Fanatec CSP v3 pedals, but at the same time put a set of polyurethane rubber bands to adjust the brake pedal stiffness, setting the price below: 349 USD.

These are modern pedals with replaceable springs, adjustments and a load cell sensor on the brake pedal (the pressure was not indicated), the ability to remove the clutch pedal and mix the gas and brake horizontally, which is how they compare favorably with Thrustmaset T-LCM or Fanatec CSP v3 products, where horizontal adjustment is not provided.

Brief conclusion

Logitech did a great job, and the phrase that they took into account the wishes of the simracing community does not sound like an empty phrase. The presented products implement all the modern chips that are found in different manufacturers, but they are made neatly and look like a good, complete solution.

The base strength of 11nM is more than enough effort for most users, to drive the race with the force set to 100%, you definitely won’t be able to on certain classes of cars, your hands will fall off. At the same time, this is a good margin to set up the most detailed feedback and get adequate behavior of the steering wheel itself at critical moments. For example, during a skid, this force will already allow the steering wheel to spin itself, emulating the correct operation of the suspension arms and forcing you to only control the skid process, and not frantically pull the steering wheel and try to guess if the wheels “look” correctly relative to the skid angle.

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