How to Install Kinopub on iPhone, Android or Apple TV


Friends, hello everyone. Like many here, I had already forgotten the times when I looked at torrents daily in search of new movies and TV shows. Thanks to streaming, which allowed me not to waste time searching, downloading and parsing files. It was possible to pick up a movie for the evening through a convenient web interface or application and immediately start watching it.

It was not a pity to pay for such convenience, saving time and traffic.

And now everything is much easier. There is almost nothing in Russia. You don’t even have to pay for anything.

So, friends, I went to the dark side. I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone (yes!), but if you’re interested, here’s how to do the same.

Why Kinopub

Now “experts” will run into the comments and tell you how you can search and watch all the top news through a Google search. I haven’t done this for many years now. Of course, you can find everything your heart desires, but at the same time you will watch a cheap screen with a crunch of popcorn and laughter from the audience, an advertisement for another casino or bookmaker.

The guys from Kinopub keep the level, they are not in a hurry to quickly add a new film of dubious quality to the catalog. The service will be replenished only with content available in 1080p, when professional dubbing and subtitles appear. There are no audio or video ad inserts here.

It is not a pity to pay for this and for a convenient service catalog. Asking price: 260 rubles per month or 217 rubles (when paid for six months).

At the same time, the service client can be installed on 5 devices, and over the limit it will be possible to use it through a browser.

How to install Kinopub on Android

Perhaps, on gadgets with this operating system, it is easiest to launch the service client. Just download the APK file from the Kinopub website and install it normally.

If you come across a prefix on Android TV without a file manager or with a restriction on installing from third-party sources, there is a workaround:

◼ Download Downloader by Troypoint from the market.

◼ In the application, enter the URL:

◼ Download client Kinopub follow the link and confirm the installation of the application on the set-top box.

After that, the application will be displayed on the home screen, all that remains is to log into your account and link the set-top box.

How to install Kinopub on Apple TV 4/4K

The application is installed, like most not the most official services, through DNS spoofing.

◼ Go to Settings – Network.

◼ Change the DNS setting from Auto on the Manually.

◼ Enter DNS –

◼ After that go to Settings – General – Privacy.

◼ Activate item Share Apple TV Analytics.

◼ Select Add profile.

◼ Enter link (without https)

◼ Confirm the installation of the certificate in the section Settings – General – About this device – Certificate trust.

◼ After that, install the Young Hollywood app from the App Store

◼ Log in to the application and the service website using a temporary code.

If the instructions seem too confusing, you can simply turn on playback on your iPhone or iPad and display the picture on the console using Airplay.

How to Install Kinopub on iPhone or iPad

The hardest part is with our favorite smartphones and tablets. A closed OS does not allow you to just install a third-party, and at the same time a pirated application.

▷ Previously, a simple and quick installation was available through TestFlight, but the shop was closed.

▷ There are also third-party services that offer to buy a developer certificate. It allows you to sign and install any applications. It works for a year, after which you will need to buy a new certificate and reinstall the program. Haven’t tried it myself and won’t recommend.

▷ Is there a way to install the client via AltStorebut you will have to re-sign the utility every week (instructions here).

▷ On gadgets with a jailbreak, the IPA file is installed easily and simply, almost like on Android.

▷ The easiest way to use the web version is through safari. The interface is perfectly optimized, and the built-in system player allows you to select the playback speed and turn on the mode. “picture in picture”.

Do not forget that you need to use the service through a VPN or request a mirror for free in your personal account. The link will work directly on any device with a browser (Apple TV in flight).

I made myself a handy shortcut right on my desktop.

◼ Open website Kinopub in safari (via VPN or personal mirror link).

◼ Click the button Share.

◼ Select item To the Home screen.

You will be able to run the web version of the service like a normal smartphone application.

In addition, there are clients for platforms dune and Kodi. Who needs it, the instruction is on the website of the service. And there are several profile groups in Telegramfor assistance with installing and configuring the appropriate client.

You only need to configure it once on each of your devices. I spent no more than half an hour to get clients on Smart-TV, set-top box, all family iPhones and iPads.

Now I watch any movies and series at a nice price and in good quality! And yes, I know that the editors here do not like this! Sorry, if so. But what if they post my material? Then thanks!


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