Cold Hospitality – DTF games

Cold Hospitality – DTF games
Cold Hospitality – DTF games

Well, after passing through this game, I was finally convinced for myself that I would no longer meet good Lovecraft games. All sorts of Call of Cthulhu and Sinking City just faded in my eyes after the experience experienced in Call of Cthulhu: Dark Corners of the Earth. A burning cocktail of a tense thriller, stealth, shootings and detective investigations – after this, emptiness and sadness remain in the soul, because such cool projects are piece goods.

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In this game, we will witness the story of Jack Walters – a burnt detective soaked through with cigarette smoke. During his years of practice, he has seen many terrible things, but the sight of people being killed still causes him a little clouding of his mind. In 1915, we are asked to come to some shady district, where strange mutilated people have taken refuge in one of the dilapidated buildings. They constantly muttered something in an incomprehensible language and were very aggressive. At some point, negotiations come to a standstill and a brutal gunfight ensues. During the turmoil, we manage to sneak into the house and discover a few oddities. Almost all of these incomprehensible people were poisoned and, judging by the absence of signs of a struggle, they drank the poison voluntarily. We also find an office hung with our photographs, and a few dying cultists muttering that they are glad to see us and now the cycle will begin again. Further exploration of the house and a descent into the basement revealed shocking details that damaged our minds. We spent 6 long years in a psychiatric dispensary in a state of semi-delusion. But then a miracle happened and we suddenly regained our sanity, as if those 6 years had never happened. Going through the events of that night, we still cannot come up with logical answers to the questions that bothered us.

Perhaps we would have continued to drown in our own pool of memory, if not for one call. At the other end of the wire, a certain young man offered us a job – to find a missing grocery worker in the small port town of Innsmouth. The generous bonus that we found in the envelope did not really motivate us, but we seemed to have heard the name of the town somewhere. Strange, but he literally attracted us to him.

We nevertheless set out on this dangerous journey to fulfill the client’s order. Innsmouth doesn’t like strangers, especially sniffers. We have to endure the local “hospitality” and find evidence that has not yet been destroyed among the rotten buildings. Here our mind will be tested many times for strength. The question is whether we can withstand it.

Innsmouth greets us extremely unfriendly. A cold dank wind that cuts to the bone, a vile dripping rain and a lot of ugly faces around who are watching us intently. I would like to immediately note the excellent voice acting of the characters and the ambient. The hoarse voices that the locals spew out of themselves, combined with a strange gurgling sound in their throats, make it look like they have a mouthful of saliva. They are all huge, with an angry look and clearly do not differ in intelligence. People familiar with Lovecraft’s work have long been familiar with Innsmouthers and know firsthand why nature created them that way. In the game, we will also meet other creatures that came out from under the pen of Lovecraft, so fans of his work will definitely be delighted.

But the most important thing in this game is not the environment and ambient, although here they are extremely good. We are still a detective, which means we have to look for clues and collect information. We are thrown into Innsmouth without any clues. The game unambiguously draws us to the key places, through the accent through the lamps or some small passages, which are drawn to look into. There is a lot of interesting information in notes that will reveal the plot to us more deeply. But beyond that, in our search, we run the risk of stumbling upon things we would rather not find.

Enemies are also not as simple as they seem. If at first they just watch us, then after we go too far in our investigation, they will take up arms and a real hunt will open for us. The abrupt switch of gameplay from stealth to shooter really charged me with emotions and made me cheer up. Of course, the weight of the shotgun in hand slightly reduces the value of horror in this game, but some moments still give goosebumps.

Noir atmosphere, many points of interest and a plot with unexpected twists constantly keep in suspense and riveted the player’s attention to what is happening on the screen. The combination of stealth and driving shooter allows you to keep the pace of the story in balance. Segments with different types of gameplay will constantly alternate with each other.

It’s just plain unpleasant for you to be in Innsmouth, and progress in the investigation will only make it worse. Thick ambient of rustles, sounds and voices makes you constantly listen and look around. I beat the game in one gulp in 8 hours and, honestly, I want more. I haven’t seen such an intense detective story in a long time, which, moreover, managed to stir up in me memories of the passage of Amnesia: The Dark Descent. A brilliantly directed, frightening and well-crafted stealth detective that will test our nerves for strength and allow us to immerse ourselves in the fetid secrets of Innsmouth.

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