Thing. Wireless headphones COMMO Hover from Yandex with a 50% discount. Look great


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Commo is a Yandex brand of quality accessories that offers cases, chargers and TWS headphones.

The COMMO Hover headphones look great, last a long time on a single charge (as much as 5.5 hours) and charge quickly (only 1 hour).

You can definitely get it at a discount, despite some nuances.

▶︎ Buy: 3,990 RUB 1,999

The fully wireless headphones come with two cables: USB-C to USB-C and USB-A to USB-C.

They are quite short, but suitable for any power supply and charging from other devices.

Plus, it is important to remember that such a comprehensive package is offered at a very low cost.

COMMO’s design is very good, and TWS headphones are no exception. The case is especially interesting: it seems to be flattened, so it can easily fit anywhere.

Plus, the case is made of metal, which is coated with matte paint, which is incredible for headphones in such an affordable price segment.

The headphones themselves are plastic: very light, fit well in the ears. There is IPX5 splash protection, but you shouldn’t dip them in water.

In real life, the headphones work for more than 5 hours, in the case they charge in about an hour, and for the case itself, 2 hours of connecting to the power supply is enough.

Playback control is implemented by tapping on the headphone legs. There are double and triple clicks that can hardly be called very convenient or even obvious.

But pausing playback and continuing it with a single press is quite simple.

As for the sound, it is clearly not suitable for audiophiles. It is quite simple, at the level of the first generation AirPods or a little lower. Very good for the price.

The headphones cope well with voice calls. They play the role of a headset without any complaints at all.

Overall, considering the discount, the COMMO Hover looks incredible. It is almost impossible to buy better quality TWS headphones for that kind of money.

▶︎ Buy: 3,990 RUB 1,999

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