Returnal game director leaves Housemarque studio

Returnal game director leaves Housemarque studio
Returnal game director leaves Housemarque studio

Game Director of Returnal and Nex Machina Harry Krueger leaves Housemarque after 14 years of work. The corresponding post appeared on the official website of the studio.

“In my 14 years at Housemarque, I have been incredibly fortunate to work on one dream project after another, and along the way I have had the honor of working alongside some very talented and wonderful people. It has been a great honor to accompany Housemarque on this journey, watching us go “from small arcade titles to the dizzying heights we achieved with Returnal. We shook the pillars of heaven together, and I will always be proud of the amazing things we achieved as a studio,” Krueger said in a statement.

According to Kruger, The decision to leave Housemarque was very difficult for him, but he is confident that with the support of Sony and the upcoming new project, the studio has a bright futureand their brightest chapter has not yet been written.

CEO and co-founder of Housemarque Ilari Kuittinen added that Kruger was instrumental in developing the studio to its current size. The statement also notes that the studio is preparing for a new big projectand the team will continue to grow and move forward.

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