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Custom sex animations and framework for Baldur’s Gate 3.

This is an early version of the BG3 Sex Framework. The mod has more bugs than features, so please moderate your expectations and don’t expect this to be a perfect release. Can break your saves and set your computer on fire. A model of the sausage is included.


  • Fully customizable animations
  • Solo and pair animations
  • Characteristic voices for companions
  • 2 new spells: “Masturbation” and “Ask for Sex.”
  • Automatic undressing and changing clothes
  • Easily switch between animations
  • Can also be used for SFW animation, but was designed with NSFW animation as the main focus
  • New animation IDs so no need to override existing animations


  • Download and install Norbyte’s Baldur’s Gate 3 Script Extender from here: If you are using ModManager, you can install it from there, but it is better to always get the newest version from github and add DWrite.dll to the “Baldurs Gate 3/bin” folder.
  • Install BG3 Mod Manager
  • Download BG3 Sex Framework
  • Install the AnimationFramework.pak file using BG3MM:
  • Drag “BG3 Sex Framework” into BG3MM. It will appear in the panel on the right side.
  • Drag “AnimationFramework” from the right side to the left side of the BG3MM. (1)
  • Click the ‘Save Load Order to File’ button to save the load order of the mod, or just press ‘ctrl + s’ (2)
  • Now click the ‘Export Order to Game’ button to expand the order in which the mod will load into your game, or simply press ‘ctrl + e’ (3)



  • The mod is now completely contained in a .pak file
  • Multiple scenes can now run simultaneously.
  • Added animation for solo man.
  • Added 1x different animation.
  • Added the “Block Stripping” spell.
  • bug fixes

Author: LuneMods

The article is in Russian

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