In Nigeria, a man died and came back to life two days later, saying that he saw huge Angels and a heavenly City

In Nigeria, a man died and came back to life two days later, saying that he saw huge Angels and a heavenly City
In Nigeria, a man died and came back to life two days later, saying that he saw huge Angels and a heavenly City

Does a near-death experience or near-death experience change your life? Here is another question to consider while you are dead and in Heaven or wherever, before you are taken away from the Light and brought back to life on Earth. Also, who would you meet THERE and what would you tell them in response to their questions?

A former doctor in Nigeria may have the answers to both of these questions as he recently had a bizarre death story, a sudden resurrection two days later, and what he saw while he was dead.

According to Nigeria News and The Nation, Godwin Ugilu Amadou, 59, was a doctor in Gidan Angalu community, Toto region, Nasarawa state, before his “resurrection”, but has now told reporters that he has left the medical profession to become an evangelist.

In July 2022, he suddenly fell ill after years of “excellent health,” according to him. Following the proverb “Doctor, heal yourself”, Amado tried to get rid of the pain in his legs and chest and the subsequent swelling of the legs, but nothing helped.

Fearing that he would die, one of his children rushed Amada to the Federal Medical Center in Keffi. He was kept there for two weeks, after which he was discharged as having recovered. However, a week after being discharged, Amadou developed severe chest pain.

The man gathered his children near him and asked them not to take him to the hospital anymore, and if he died, he begged to be buried no later than three days after his death. However, when he became very ill, the children ignored his request and took him to Keffi.

Unfortunately, it turned out that it was too late, and as soon as the doctors began treatment, Amadou died.

“Doctors at a private hospital confirmed the death of 59-year-old Godwin Ugilu Amadou around 6 a.m. on September 5, 2022, after which his body was covered and taken to the morgue while doctors and family members awaited the arrival of his eldest son from Abuja, Mr. Jacob Amadou.”

Jacob Amado himself told about what happened next:

“I got to the hospital around 10 am on September 5th and the hospital undertaker rolled out the coffin on a cart with my father and opened his face so I could see and it really was my father. We advised the hospital not to embalm him because he had previously repeatedly told us not to embalm him when he died and to bury him as quickly as possible rather than keep his corpse in the mortuary.

So we hurriedly went to the village to find young people who were to help dig a grave so that we could bury him on the second or third day, as he wanted. On September 7, we brought his body in a coffin to the village to bury him, and people throughout the community wept while others gathered in different places discussing the sad event of his passing.

First, his body was displayed without a coffin in the place where he used to tend to his patients as a local doctor, and then the children brought the coffin and put his body inside, preparing for his burial, but suddenly he rose from the coffin.

We were in the village when suddenly we saw that the coffin was shaking and finally fell down and my father woke up, to the surprise of many people in the village. Many of the assembled men and women fled, believing that it was his ghost.

I plucked up the courage, like a man, to go up to him and coax him to sit down. He didn’t speak. Later I took his hand and led him to the bathroom. He took a bath, and a few hours later he asked for food. He ate and then relaxed. In the evening of the next day he began to talk a little, and on the third day he tried to talk about his experience.”

According to the resurrected Amadou, he cannot fully remember everything that happened during his struggle in his death throes, except that at some point he was writhing in pain, and after a few moments he felt relieved and found himself in another world.

“My journey to Heaven was peaceful. I feel very confused now about what God has done to me. All I can remember now is that I lost my memory when I was sick, but later people gathered in my village to mourn my passing.

The cloud opened up and I saw what looked like a giant golden satellite suspended in space. I don’t know if this is what the Bible calls heaven, but there I was greeted by an angel 75 feet tall (23 meters) who stood in front of the gate.

The angel had a beautiful sword and had golden hair. As I looked around, I found that behind him were two other angels holding pamphlets and books containing the words of God. The three angels had a short discussion among themselves and then allowed me to enter the city of Heaven.

Entering the city, I met a childhood friend who died 22 years ago. His name was Choco Aguma. He was the one who took me around the city where everyone was committed to the worship of God. He asked me about many people on earth that he knew when he was alive, but I told him that I had lost contact with some and that some were still alive, while others were long dead.

About 450 yards from what looked like the throne of God, I was fascinated by a sign outside that read, “God’s Unrecorded Blessings and Grace.” So, I can confidently confirm to you that I went to Heaven and not hellfire, and I successfully returned with the courage to preach the gospel for the rest of my life. I gave my life to God. He is real.

While in heaven, I was told how my children struggled to save my life when I got sick. I was also told about my activities as a local doctor, about all the events leading up to my death, and about the preparations for my burial, when Christ appeared and raised me from the dead.

I was told that Christ woke me up, because if they lowered me into the grave in a coffin, covered with sand, it would be very difficult for me to return, because I would not have the strength to get out of the cemetery.

I woke up and felt cold. I cautiously stepped out of the coffin, and the people who had come to console my wife and children began to run away instead of coming to rescue me.

I thank God because I know that He heard the prayers of my children who wanted me to stay here until the age of 86 to see them become influential and responsible members of a society where the entire community looks up to them. Praise Almighty God, their faith brought me back to life.”

He described the country of Death as peaceful, quiet and calm:

“This place is filled with myriads of angels who are very tall and there is light everywhere. There is no darkness as the angels were talking about Jesus Christ all the time. It’s about what the Bible says about Jesus Christ and everyone out there is committed to the Bible and its teachings by the angels, and this conviction convinced me to completely change and return to Christ as my personal savior.

I am no longer a local doctor and I believe that Jesus Christ is the way. He can heal and wake the dead. While in the cool city of heaven, I saw many of my childhood friends, my peers, and even some of the girls I used to tease and hurt when I was growing up, and who died years ago.

Some could not recognize me because I had become very old. They are all enjoying life to the fullest. I saw Juliana and Abava, who were my friends. Now they share gospel words in the City. I also saw Abunaga, Tonga Thomas, Ishaya again, who were my high school classmates. They were very happy to see me join them in the cool city.

They asked me about so many people I know who have died but weren’t in town, probably on the other side. I looked for my father and mother, but I didn’t see any of them, maybe they are on the other side too.

There food is served free and in large quantities. Heaven is indeed an interesting place and I wish I never returned to the world. But now that I have returned to the world, I will dedicate the rest of my life on earth to the service of God.”

The wife of the resurrected, Mrs. Salomi Amado, told reporters that she was, of course, shocked that her husband came back to life two days later:

“At first I was afraid to get close to him. This made my eldest son spend some time with us in the country to make sure we were not afraid. But gradually we are recovering from the shock associated with it.

What is most encouraging is that he has been praying since he was resurrected. He is now a real man of God, although I have not yet begun to sleep with him in the same house and he did not ask for it. But it’s all right. We thank God that he has returned, this time as a man of God. That’s what I can say now.”

Amadou’s younger brother, Philip Amadou, said it was actually a secret to everyone in the village:

“Actually, some people still don’t believe it, but we’re here watching him with his eldest son to see what other miracle God will do. This is the man who was dead. For us, this is a strange miracle, but for now I can’t say anything more.”

His eldest son Jacob also said he would not comment on the matter until further developments occurred:

“Personally, I don’t even want the public and the world to know about this event, because many people will understand it differently. This will draw attention to our small community, so I don’t want to talk too much about it.

Even I’m scared. I saw my father’s dead body in the hospital. I personally bought his coffin and saw him put in the coffin. His coming back to life at the peak of his funeral arrangements shocked me completely. I was speechless.”

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