Iranian authorities deny involvement in Mahsa Amini’s death (video)

The results of tomography of the brain of the injured Iranian woman have been published on the Web. Neurosurgeons claim that the images do not show signs of traumatic brain injury and bleeding.

Tehran police chief Sardar Hussein Rahimi said that the death of a 22-year-old girl, Mahsa Amini, was an accident, and the information about this tragedy, spread by the media, is a complete lie. This was reported by the Telegram channel of the Iranian news agency Fars News Agency.

Rahimi stated that his subordinates did not allow negligence, and all speculation and rumors are false. At the same time, he added that in order to establish the true cause of death, it is necessary to wait for the conclusion of the doctors.

“We consider this incident tragic, and we would not like to allow something like this in the future,” he said at a briefing.

Later, Fars News published a surveillance video allegedly confirming Rahimi’s words. On the recording, you can see that a certain girl (presumably Machsa) communicates with representatives of the “vice police” in the room for “educational activities”, after which she faints. This is followed by footage where you can see how the injured girl is taken away by an ambulance.

The entire video lasts about a minute, and it is not clear what happened before and after the woman fell. It is also unknown how much time elapsed between her fall and the arrival of emergency services.

Doctors told about the causes of death

On Twitter, a certain Mohammad, who introduced himself as a neurosurgeon, published images of Mahsa’s brain tomography with comments.

“My tweet is the evidence that can be seen on brain scans, I am posting this not to accuse or justify anyone,” the medic wrote.

According to him, non-disclosure of medical secrets is part of medical ethics, but since the case has gained great resonance in society, Mohammad intends to make the information public.

According to the neurosurgeon’s report, a CT scan of Makhsa’s head showed no signs of brain injury, cranium, or bleeding. The photographs show traces of an earlier operation.

full screen

CT scan of the head of Mahsa Amini


computed tomography, brain, amini

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Computed tomography of the brain Amini


traumatic brain injury, Mahsa Amini

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CT scans confirm that Mahsa Amini did not have a traumatic brain injury


“There are signs of surgical intervention, they indicate a frontotemporal craniotomy with short-term muscle atrophy and soft tissue changes,” the surgeon comments.

Thus, according to the neurosurgeon, Mahsa’s death could not have been caused by brain injuries.

It is also known that Iranian President Ibrahim Raisi contacted the Amini family and expressed his condolences.

Protests continue

Meanwhile, protests continue in Iran over the death of an Iranian girl. Despite the danger of arrests, imprisonment and even the death penalty, protesters are shouting anti-government slogans directed at the country’s spiritual leader, Ali Khamenei.

During the protests, Iranian girls tore off their hijabs, waved them defiantly in the air, and some set them on fire in public. In response to the riots, the police used tear gas and water cannons, in some cases batons were used, and the sounds of gunshots were also heard.

protests in Tehran

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Protests in Tehran


protests in tehran

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Mahsa Ameni’s death sparks protests in Iran


Recall that in Iran, the police kidnapped 22-year-old Mahsa Amini, who came from Kurdistan to visit relatives. It was alleged that the girl was beaten at the police station for not following the strict rules regarding the wearing of Muslim headscarves.

After the incident in Iran, mass unrest began due to the death of a girl detained for wearing the hijab incorrectly. Clashes are taking place across the country between law enforcement officers and protesters.

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