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  • 23-09-2022

  • Russian MRI service
Taiwan prepares to reopen borders

The Chairman of the Executive Yuan, Su Zhen-chang, announced the relaxation of the anti-epidemic regime at the border starting from September 29. Taiwan is returning the pre-pandemic visa waiver and canceling the PCR test on arrival. Instead, arrivals will be given rapid tests for coronavirus. There are 65 countries participating in the Taiwan Visa Waiver Program.

However, quarantine in the 3 + 4 format will be maintained until October 13, after which the authorities will assess the epidemic situation, lift the isolation and leave seven days of health self-monitoring.

Su Zhen-chang thanked the people of the island, as well as the front line workers in the fight against the epidemic. He noted that Taiwan still detects tens of thousands of new cases daily, but the situation remains stable. Therefore, it was decided to weaken the anti-epidemic rules at the border, the prime minister said.


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