“Some women even cried”: Tula residents again oppose new cemeteries in the Proletarsky district

“Some women even cried”: Tula residents again oppose new cemeteries in the Proletarsky district
“Some women even cried”: Tula residents again oppose new cemeteries in the Proletarsky district

The day before, on September 22, at public hearings on urban planning issues, residents of the villages of Morozovka and Balabaevka of the Proletarsky District opposed the construction of new cemeteries in the territories of settlements.

Earlier, we recall, it was reported that the issue of new Tula cemeteries will be submitted at public hearings from 12 to 27 September. The corresponding decree of the mayor of Tula, Olga Slyusareva, was published on the website of legal information.

According to the information from the explanatory note, we are talking about the transformation of six land plots into a cemetery zone: in the village of Sudakovo near the Kosogorskoye cemetery, in the area of ​​​​the villages of Morozovka and Balabaevka, as well as three plots on the Novomoskovsk highway.

It should be noted that two years ago Tula residents opposed the construction of a new cemetery in the village of Morozovka.

Alla, a resident of the Balabaevka village, said that at that time the residents were promised that there would be no cemeteries.

– There are ground waters in the territories. The problem is that we do not have a central water supply. That is, if they make cemeteries, then the water we drink will be polluted. We also have springs almost on the surface. They also drink this water. Sometimes, when water is turned off in Tula, residents also come for spring water. How can people be deprived of this drinking water? We don’t know what will happen. Then we have the “Sezhensky Forest” there – this is a security zone. These springs flow into the Sezha River, which is also a water protection zone. This water goes to Upa. We are told that these are lands of industrial significance, but there were agricultural purposes. There is also a slope in the territories, but according to Sanpin, cemeteries cannot be built where there is a slope. Everything that is in the ground will go into the groundwater. When the river overflows in spring, everything is flooded there.

People are against cemeteries. At the hearings, we were told that the St. Petersburg company had conducted surveys, that there were no groundwater in the territories, but we had springs there. How they did it is very difficult to understand. They promised to give us a package of documents to get acquainted with the examination, but a copy has not yet been given. People, of course, are against it. A lot of people showed up. Some women even cried – says Allah.

Local residents intend to receive those copies of the documents that were developed by the company from St. Petersburg. They also want to raise the protocol for 2021, which, according to them, should have reflected that there will be no cemeteries in Morozovka and Balabaevka. In addition, they are going to an appointment with the head of the administration, Dmitry Milyaev, as they say that it is he who will finally decide the issue.

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