Trump accuses Biden of US ‘going to hell’

Trump accuses Biden of US ‘going to hell’
Trump accuses Biden of US ‘going to hell’

Former US President Donald Trump said the US is “going to hell”. At the same time, the country needs a strong leader, otherwise “it will not survive.” He shared this opinion in an interview with Fox News.

“Our country is going to hell, our nation is in decline <...> This country is in disarray. The way she lives now, she won’t survive.” Trump said.

The ex-president also added that he has seen “radical changes” since the end of his presidency. According to him, the current head of the White House, Joe Biden, showed weakness on the world stage. Therefore, as Trump said, now more than ever the United States needs a strong leader to deal with such “sharp and smart” world leaders as, for example, Chinese President Xi Jinping.

“Whether Republican or Democrat, I want to see someone great. I’d rather see him achieve incredible success, even if it means a much harder campaign and possibly even defeat.” Trump added.

At the same time, he did not confirm the information about the nomination of his candidacy in the elections in 2024. However, he did not rule out such a possibility.

Earlier, Trump accused Biden’s party of lying about Russia. In addition, he reiterated his thesis that with the Democrats in power, led by President Joe Biden, the United States has turned from an energy independent state into a beggar who begs for energy.

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