iPhone 14 Pro was compared with a Fujifilm camera for 130 thousand rubles. There is a difference, not in favor of the camera

MacWorld journalists published a comparative test of the iPhone 14 Pro camera and the Fujifilm X-E4 mirrorless camera.

The Fujifilm camera is equipped with a 26.1 MP sensor, providing a maximum image of 6240×4160. A 27mm f/2.8 lens was used.

There are three lenses on the side of the iPhone 14 Pro:

Basic: 24mm, f/1.78
ultra wide angle: 13mm, f/2.2
telephoto lens: 77mm, f/2.8

For testing, the journalist shot the same scenes in 1x and 2x on the iPhone 14 Pro against the X-E4. In the photo below Fujifilm X-E4 on the right and iPhone 14 Pro on the left.

The iPhone 14 Pro holds up remarkably well against the Fujifilm X-E4, especially in low light, with less noise and more detail.

In almost every case, the iPhone 14 Pro with both raw 48MP and 12MP 2x zoom offers comparable or better results to the Fujifilm X-E4.


Fujifilm’s advantage lies in a wide range of adjustable shutter speeds, physical aperture and simulated film speed, as well as interchangeable lenses, in particular zoom and superzoom for telephoto shooting at long distances.

You can customize, sync and control every X-E4 shot by setting bracketing (multi-exposure shooting, handled automatically on iOS and iPadOS) for high dynamic range and other photos.


Leaves in the shade


Window in a brick wall


The iPhone 14 Pro is a great alternative to a mirrorless camera that costs about the same. In many cases, you can ditch a mirrorless camera in favor of the iPhone 14 Pro for similar shots with the benefits of a multi-purpose device with a day of battery life and the ability to upload photos and videos over a cellular network. [MacWorld]

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