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The list of prices for essential foodstuffs was compiled by the city administration. To do this, we checked network, non-chain stores and fairs. We will quote the lowest prices in town.

You can buy vermicelli at 33.99 rubles per kilogram at Auchan in the Sovetsky District.

White cabbage at a price of 12.49 rubles at Lenta in the Zheleznodorozhny district.

A kilogram of potatoes for 15.19 rubles is the most profitable to take at Pyaterochka in the Kirovsky district.

Buckwheat costs 84.90 rubles at the Crossroads in the Krasnoglinsky district.

A kilogram of chicken at the fair on Tukhachevsky will cost 100 rubles.

Sunflower oil costs 82.30 rubles per liter at Magnit in the Kuibyshev region.

Whole pasteurized drinking milk 2.5–3.2% fat — 44.43 rubles per liter at Perekrestok in the Krasnoglinsky district.

Wheat flour costs 28.95 rubles per kilogram per kilogram at Perekrestok in the Krasnoglinsky District.

Granulated sugar – 60 rubles per kilogram in the “Lenta” in the Zheleznodorozhny district.

Bread and bakery products made from wheat flour of the 1st and 2nd grades can be bought at a price of 34.35 rubles at Auchan in the Sovetsky district.

A dozen chicken eggs cost 39.99 rubles at the Crossroads in the Krasnoglinsky district.

More information about food prices in different areas of the city can be found on the website of the city administration.

The article is in Russian

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