ex-head of housing office accused of negligence

September 23, Brest / Corr. BELTA/. The department of the Investigative Committee for the Brest region told the details of the investigation of a criminal case on accusation of the former head of one of the housing maintenance services of Brest in official negligence, which killed a five-year-old boy. This was announced to BelTA by the official representative of the regional USC Roman Zarmaev.

The accident happened on the afternoon of October 24, 2021. A 37-year-old woman and her little son were walking along the territory of the former military camp. The child was playing and at some point disappeared from view. At first, a frightened Brest woman looked for the child herself, then she turned to the Ministry of Emergency Situations for help. Rescuers found the lifeless body of a child in an underground water tank. A forensic medical examination showed that the boy died from mechanical asphyxia, because water got into his airways.

The investigator found that the mouth of the well was not equipped with a hatch or a locking device. It was hidden under an earth embankment, not fenced and not marked in any way.

“The service documentation was studied. It was established that the water tank was located on the territory serviced by the ZhES. The duties of the head of the service included organizing checks and examinations of all potentially dangerous objects, including the need to pay special attention to the presence and integrity of hatches and restricting access to them by unauthorized persons “, – said Roman Zarmaev.

A criminal case was initiated against a 38-year-old man under part 2 of article 428 (official negligence, resulting in the death of a person by negligence) of the Criminal Code.-0-


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