Traffic police inspector dies in hospital after car chase

On the eve of the Sverdlovsk region there was a chase, which resulted in an accident with a patrol car. Doctors fought for the life of a policeman, but his heart could not stand it. Unfortunately, two 14-year-old daughters were left without a father.

The chase began from the city of Zarechny, when a drunk driver did not stop at the request of law enforcement officers. The persecution continued towards Yekaterinburg. In the area of ​​22 km of the backup of the Siberian Highway, an accident occurred in which a head-on collision occurred between a police car and a truck. After that, one of the policemen had to be hospitalized, followed by an operation. During the procedure, the heart of police captain Alexei Kazakov stopped.

The Ministry of Internal Affairs managed to detain the violator after a couple of hours. This is not the first time the suspect has violated the law – he had already been deprived of his rights before and during the arrest he was also drunk, in addition, he has a criminal record for involvement in theft, robbery, drug trafficking and twice for traffic violations that caused serious harm to the health of the victims. Now he is in custody and is giving evidence.

“Captain Kazakov is a combat veteran, he was twice on business trips in the North Caucasus region. For a significant contribution to the fight against terrorism and crime, he was awarded the medals “Participant in hostilities”, “For military valor”, “For distinction in service”, 3rd and 2nd degrees, ”said Valery Gorelykh, head of the press service of the Sverdlovsk Main Directorate of the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

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