Exchange rates on September 23, 2022: the dollar falls in price

Exchange rates on September 23, 2022: the dollar falls in price
Exchange rates on September 23, 2022: the dollar falls in price

13:10 23.09.2022

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On September 23, 2022, the following official foreign exchange rates were set at the BCSE trading: the dollar exchange rate – 2.5081, the euro exchange rate – 2.4572, the exchange rate of the Russian ruble (100 RUB) was 4.2446.

Trades in the dollar against the Belarusian ruble ended with a fall of 0.0371 rubles to 2.5081, which amounted to 1.46%. In just a month, the dollar weakened by 0.05 rubles.

The weighted average euro exchange rate weakened against the ruble by 0.0561 (2.23%), as of September 23, 2022, the exchange rate was 2.4572. At the end of the month, the euro decreased by 0.0793 rubles.

Trades in the Russian ruble against the Belarusian ruble ended in growth by 0.0247 rubles (0.59%). Over the month, the weighted average exchange rate of the ruble decreased by only 0.0198 rubles.

The Chinese yuan fell by 0.0488 rubles (0.59%). During the month, the yuan exchange rate decreased by 0.1782 rubles.

Trading volume in BYN
Dollar Euro Russian ruble CNY
53 707 900 31 936 600 83 392 900 4 052 980

In Minsk exchange offices of commercial banks today at 12:00 the dollar buying rate was 2.47 – 2.51 rubles, the dollar selling rate was 2.515 – 2.58. The euro could be sold in the range of 2.415 – 2.485 rubles, buy – 2.51 – 2.63.

At the moment, cross-rates for major currencies are:

  • USD / RUB = 76 (the cost of 1 dollar is equal to 76 Russian rubles),
  • EUR/USD=1.002 (1 euro is worth 1.002 dollars),
  • EUR/RUB=75.6 (75.6 rubles is the cost of 1 euro).

You can get complete information about the exchange rates of Belarusian banks, established after the end of trading on the currency exchange, in the summary table.

You can also find out the current exchange rates in Russian banks and compare the rates of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation for today and tomorrow.

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