Mobilization and conscription of conscripts: important clarifications of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation

Partial mobilization was announced in Russia on September 21, and on October 1, the autumn draft of conscripts into the army starts. Who should wait for the summons on conscription, and who on mobilization – in the material of RIA Tomsk, compiled on the basis of official reports of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation.

The deadlines for the autumn draft are 2022 and who should wait for the agenda?

The autumn conscription in Russia starts on October 1 and will last until December 31. The Ministry of Defense plans to call up 120,000 people, which is less than last fall. “At the same time, even during a special military operation, this number fully satisfies the needs of the state’s law enforcement agencies,” the message says in the official telegram channel of the Ministry of Defense.

Young people between the ages of 18 and 27 who are registered with the military and are not in the reserve can be called up to serve in the army.

How many people will be called up from the Tomsk region is currently unknown. As RIA Tomsk reported earlier, more than 650 conscripts from the Tomsk region went to the spring draft for military service.

Will conscripts be sent to serve in the special operation zone in Ukraine?

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The emergency call has nothing to do with the conduct of the special operation. All conscripts will serve on the territory of the Russian Federation. Conscripts who complete their service will be promptly dismissed and sent home.

Who is the first to be mobilized?

According to the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation, men who have served in the army with combat experience and who have a military specialty are subject to mobilization.

Priority will be given to the military specialties necessary for the performance of tasks: shooters, tankers, gunners, drivers and driver-mechanics. One of the main factors will be the presence of combat experience.

Military ranks do not affect the call priority for general mobilization – both officers and privates will be called up.

Full-time students and graduates of military departments should not be called up.

Will women be called?

There are positions that can be occupied by women with the appropriate MAS. For example, health workers. The need for such specialists is minimal.

What is the age range of partial mobilization?

Privates and sergeants under the age of 35 are subject to mobilization, junior officers – up to 50 years, senior officers – up to 55 years.

Who will not be affected by mobilization?

In accordance with the law will not be called:

– citizens who have a “booking”, these include employees of defense industry enterprises;

– recognized as temporarily unfit for health reasons;

– engaged in constant care for a family member or disabled people of group I;

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– having four or more dependent children under the age of 16;

– those whose mothers, besides them, have four or more children under the age of 8 and raise them without a husband;

Also, the mobilization will not affect military pensioners who are retired and removed from the military register.

Students enrolled in a master’s or graduate school immediately after graduation from a bachelor’s degree will also not be affected by partial mobilization.

Are there quotas within the framework of partial mobilization for regions and enterprises?

Quotas for the number of those called up from the reserve are not set. Each region “definitely a separate task for the supply of mobilization resources.” It depends on the number of citizens on military registration in the commissariat.

Are citizens who are outside the Russian Federation called up from the reserve?

Those permanently residing outside of Russia are not registered with the military and are not subject to mobilization. Those who are outside the country on a short trip and are registered with the military at their place of residence may be called up for military service.

What money and benefits can mobilized people count on?

The mobilized citizens will receive the status, payments and all social guarantees of military personnel under the contract.

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