“Everyone understands what is happening – and everyone is against it.” A rally-concert was held in Yoshkar-Ola

About a thousand people came to the rally in Yoshkar-Ola. On the eve it became known that students of local universities were obliged to visit the pro-government event, and the second large flow was to be provided through trade unions: this is a common practice for mass public events convened at the initiative of the authorities.

At the rally, flags with United Russia symbols were unfurled, and a group of communists led by deputies of the republic’s State Assembly came with red Soviet banners and copies of the Victory banner. Some were holding the flags of the unrecognized “DNR” and “LNR”, others – flags with the letter “Z”, which became a symbol of the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

The newly appointed senator – representative of the executive branch of Mari El addressed the audience Konstantin Kosachev.

— Referendums are a fateful event in the lives of those who take part in them. Without a doubt, this will be the vast majority of residents, citizens of the DNR, LNR,” he said. – Kherson region, Zaporozhye.

The referendums that began today also in several cities of the Volga region, where immigrants from Ukraine live, are not recognized by the international community.

A concert was held before the rally, the speeches of the speakers were interspersed with musical numbers. Some of those who came told the correspondent of “Idel. Realities” about their attitude to what is happening in the country in recent months.

This rally participant works in one of the state institutions. He says that he was curious to see, admits that he is depressed by what is happening, but he sees that many of those around him do not share the optimism of the authorities, especially after the announcement of mobilization.

“This is nonsense, a catastrophe for all of us—everything that is happening,” said this participant in the rally. – Many do not support: name at least one person who supports the murder, who would support the war. We don’t have such people. They came here out of fear. And those who piously believe in it are few. I think that a person cannot go to war voluntarily, this is a disaster for the country. Forced to hold a referendum in the occupation. After the announcement of the mobilization of people who do not care, there are no more. Everyone understands what is really happening, and everyone is against it, 90 percent, I guess. For various reasons, they cannot declare it in full voice. This fear is still there. All this rests on indifference, fear and detachment. As soon as it touches everyone, people will feel that this is his son, brother or father can die there for something, in a war with brothers, as soon as they feel that this fear, pressure is gone from them, and as soon as they feel, that there is a person or two who will lead them, it will all pass. It is clear that the forces of power and the common man are incommensurable. Apparently, the power will someday run out of strength, sooner or later there will be such a person.

At the same time, state employees dependent on the authorities will not yet be able to show themselves in this situation, this man believes. In his opinion, “you just need to wait.”

September 23 in Yoshkar-Ola

Another participant in the rally, who identified himself as an official of one of the republican departments:

– From the very beginning of this story, I am against the “special operation”. I even wrote about this to my friend living in Ukraine. But he, as it turned out, holds the opposite point of view. We don’t text anymore.


– It is dangerous to talk about mobilization now. I’d rather not.

Grandmother, who came to the square towards the end of the rally:

What kind of concert was this? I support mobilization, I think that our authorities are right.

September 23 in Yoshkar-Ola
September 23 in Yoshkar-Ola

A man in a tracksuit with a folded flag stops to tell what brought him to the square:

“Russia is in for big changes as we take back what is due to us. What belongs to Russia for a long time and always. I am against the fact that a state that supports fascism has developed next to Russia,” the man says. He came to the rally “to support Russia, support our president, his decisions.” Personal participation, in addition, shows civic maturity, the Yoshkaro native is sure. He gives his name: Alexander Chufistov, executive director of the branch of the Russian Union of Martial Arts:

“I come from a family of teachers, my dad was proud that his three sons served in the armed forces,” says Alexander. — I am proud of it, I am for mobilization. When the changes began, we lost our patriotic education – at school, in universities. We need to go through this step faster, with mobilization. And to make people remember what patriotism is, what Motherland is, what Russia is. I am ready to personally participate in this myself, the only thing that may interfere with my age and the lack of that military specialty that is needed now. I am a junior commander, a professional martial arts instructor. My younger brother is ready, he has a very serious specialty.

The rally ended rather quickly, everyone who came left the square in a matter of seconds – this is also a common practice for pro-government events.

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