More than 20 states want to join the lawsuit of Ukraine against Russia in the ECtHR

More than 20 states want to join the lawsuit of Ukraine against Russia in the ECtHR
More than 20 states want to join the lawsuit of Ukraine against Russia in the ECtHR

Among non-EU members, Norway has joined, and Great Britain and Iceland also intend to join.

To date, 23 states have already submitted applications to the European Court of Human Rights with a request to join as a third party in considering the lawsuit of Ukraine against Russia.

According to Deutsche Welle, this was announced today by a court in Strasbourg.

Among the 23 governments that wish to join Ukraine’s claim are all EU countries except Bulgaria, Greece, Malta, Hungary and Cyprus. Among the non-EU members, Norway has joined, and the UK and Iceland also intend to join. In addition, the non-governmental organization Geneva Academy of International Humanitarian Law and Human Rights is seeking accreditation.

Although, as of September 16, Russia is no longer a party to the European Convention on Human Rights due to its exclusion from the Council of Europe, the ECtHR can still consider crimes committed by Russia before that date. Ukraine filed a lawsuit in Strasbourg on June 23.

Attention is drawn to the fact that the UN independent international commission of inquiry into violations in Ukraine found evidence of numerous war crimes of the Russian army in the de-occupied territories in the Kyiv, Chernihiv, Kharkiv and Sumy regions. The report was circulated on Friday 23 September.

War crimes include: illegal use of explosive weapons, indiscriminate assaults, violations of personal integrity, executions, torture and ill-treatment, and incidents of sexual and gender-based violence. The commission also revealed violations of children’s rights.

“We were struck by the high number of executions in the areas we visited,” Commission Chairman Eric Mjose said, adding that they were concerned about the suffering the war in Ukraine had inflicted on civilians.

The lawsuit of Ukraine against the Russian Federation in the ECHR: what is known

On February 28, the Ukrainian government applied to the European Court of Human Rights with a statement on the introduction of preliminary measures against the government of the Russian Federation in accordance with Rule 39 of the Rules of Court in connection with “massive human rights violations committed by Russian troops during military aggression against the sovereign territory of Ukraine” .

On March 1, the European Court of Human Rights took urgent interim measures and ordered Russia to refrain from attacking civilians and destroying civilian objects in Ukraine.

On June 23, it became known that the Ministry of Justice filed a new lawsuit against the Russian Federation with the ECHR.

According to the head of the department, Denis Malyuska, the document deals with Russia’s flagrant violations of human rights at the initial stage of the war and describes the events from the beginning of the Russian invasion on the morning of February 24, 2022, to the actual withdrawal of its ground forces from the outskirts of Kyiv and other cities in the north on April 7. Complaints about violations by Russia during the next period will be sent to the ECtHR in the following additions to the application.

As part of this lawsuit, Ukraine requires, in addition to the complete withdrawal of Russian troops, the award of monetary compensation to the affected parties. In the first phase of the Russian military invasion, losses amounted to at least $80 billion.

In the lawsuit, Ukraine accuses the Russian authorities of violating the European Convention on Human Rights in connection with the illegal intrusion into sovereign territory.

It is noted that Russia has committed many of the most serious violations of the Convention, in particular the violation of the right to life (Article 2), the prohibition of torture (Article 3), the right to liberty and security (Article 5), the right to respect for private and family life (Article 8) , the right to freedom of thought and expression (Articles 9 and 10), freedom of assembly and association (Article 11), and the right to the protection of property (Article 1 of Protocol 1).

On June 29, the ECtHR reported that they had accepted the lawsuit of Ukraine against Russia for consideration.

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