Azvostal defender Mikhail Dianov returned from captivity without a bone in his hand (photo)

At the site of the wound, the fighter lacks 4 centimeters of bone in his hand. Now Mikhail is in the Chernihiv hospital, and his relatives are raising funds for long-term treatment.

Among the released defenders of the Mariupol Azovstal plant was senior sergeant of the 36th separate marine brigade of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Mikhail Dianov, whose photo with a wounded arm spread around the world. Now, at the site of the wound, he is missing 4 cm of bone, and his mother is raising money for treatment. This was reported by the local edition of “20 minutes”, which managed to contact the relatives of the Ukrainian fighter.

On September 21, journalists contacted the husband of Mikhail’s sister, Yuriy Lavrushko, who said that Dianov was already on peaceful territory and should soon return home to Ternopil.

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Mikhail Dianov returns to Ukraine


Later, the mother of the serviceman, Irina Dianova, said that her son was in the Chernihiv hospital and his daughter Katya and sister with her husband Yuriy went to see him. Irina told reporters that after four months in captivity, Mikhail would need a diet and proper treatment, as he had injuries to both arms and legs.

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Mikhail Dianov’s hand after being wounded


“Both arms and a leg were wounded. Now they removed the needle from his arm, but they said that the bone did not grow together. Well, how can it grow together if they were hardly fed there? Here we will organize everything for him, we will feed him. The main thing is that he is alive,” says Irina Dianova.

Journalist Violetta Kyrotka published the account number of Mykhailo’s sister, Alena Lavrushko, on her Facebook, commenting that the Ukrainian defender now needs help.

“The price of captivity. And a vivid proof of the “humanity” of our enemies. The hand of Mikhail Dianov, the defender of Azovstal, who was released on September 21 after four months of captivity. The wounded hand has not only not grown together. It lacks 4 centimeters of bone. Treatment and the recovery will obviously take a long time,” she wrote in the message.

Earlier it was reported that as a result of the exchange of prisoners, the youngest defender of Azovstal, 19-year-old Nazariy Grintsevich, returned to Ukraine. The Ukrainian fighter spent three months in Mariupol as a paramedic of the Azov regiment.

According to the Office of the Prosecutor General, Ukraine, together with its allies, is working on an all-for-all prisoner exchange. Regarding Viktor Medvedchuk, the Prosecutor General’s Office stated that he was not released, but was transferred from a Ukrainian prison to another prison called Russia.

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