Hip-hop festival Banger Fest canceled in Moscow

Hip-hop festival Banger Fest canceled in Moscow
Hip-hop festival Banger Fest canceled in Moscow

The first Russian hip-hop festival Banger Fest, which was planned in Moscow on September 24-25, has been cancelled. This was announced by the concert venue Adrenaline Stadium, where the event was supposed to take place. The organizers of the Вanger Fest claim that the festival will take place, and today is just a “day off”.

Andrey Rozhkov, the manager of the OG Buda artist, said that the organizers did not contact the musicians for several days. According to him, the organizers did not pay for Adrenalin Stadium installation site. “Accordingly, there will be no festival!” — he wrote in a story on Instagram (owned by Meta, which is recognized as extremist in the Russian Federation and banned).

Rapper Yanix (Yanis Badurov) also stated that he would not perform at the festival. “Regarding Banger Fest, my performance will not take place there today, and, as I understand it, this event will not take place today at all. Through the fault of the organizers, of course,” he said in his story.

The organizers themselves reported on Instagram that tomorrow, September 25, the show of the American rapper 6IX9INE is expected. “We will have 6IX9INE in the afternoon! Today we are all resting, tomorrow we will have an event with its full show. We’ll announce everything soon! — says in the stories of the festival. Adrenaline Stadium wrote on Instagram that “the festival will not take place”, without giving details.

Banger Fest was planned to be held annually. Initially, it was supposed to take place at Luzhniki Park, but they decided to move it to Adrenalin Stadium. The festival was expected to feature LJ, Thomas Mraz, Hammali & Navai, among others.

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