Alexey Adeev began to repay Alya Lopskaya


Alexei Adeev’s life is getting better, he takes care of Anna Samonina, gives her flowers, stopped bullying the girl, which is not surprising, because Lyosha is participating in the “Person of the Year” contest. It also turned out that Alexey Adeev began to repay Alya Lopskaya, who came to the project with a statement about her naivety and kindness. Upon learning of Adeev’s financial problems, the girl immediately transferred him 80 thousand rubles, which she soon regretted.

From the messages on the network of the participants of House 2, it turned out that the debt was closed by half, probably, after repaying the loan, Lopskaya would leave the project, although she had already spoken on the night air of House 2 on 05/25/2023 on the topic of working with a psychologist. But the psychologist is currently busy treating Ilya Bazhenov, and Albina’s childhood injuries can wait. A little later, we will discuss in the sloka whether Alya is severely injured and whether there is some truth in her words.

Lopskaya, by the way, is still participating in the “Person of the Year” contest and made it to the fourth round, where there will be debates. If Adeev gives the money to the House 2 participant, she will no longer have arguments for the dispute, except that, together with Barzikov, she is going to defend her appearance.

It is strange that Albina rarely talks about herself and personal achievements, but she has something to tell and she is not new to filming and television. Again, the question arises: did someone from the management bring their friend to the project?

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