Khoroshev arranged the most romantic date for Skalon at House 2


To apologize for his drunken outburst, Sergei Khoroshev arranged for Skalon the most romantic date of House 2. It is not a fact that Ekaterina forgave him for the hysteria and slap in the face, but she spent the time mentally, and Sergei’s mother Irina Fedorova also joined the loving participants.

A saxophonist came to Polyana, performed beautiful melodies and made the evening unforgettable, as Christina Bukhynbalte told the audience of House 2. Or did she complain because no one had given her such a date?

But Barzikov and Bukhynbalte’s dog Leo slightly spoiled the impression of the romantic date – first he ran around and watered the bushes, and then stole the musician’s saxophone case and chewed it, but Sergey and Katya generously forgave the dog. They don’t raise animals on the project, which we talked about in the shloka, but in vain.

As Alexey Bezus predicted, Khoroshev came up with an emotional swing and put Ekaterina Skalon on this attraction – only time will tell whether she will fly out of the cabin halfway, feel dizzy, get scared or part with the dinner she ate. As long as she doesn’t get physically hurt?

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