Latest news house 2 for today September 19, 2023


Latest news and rumors house 2 for today September 19, 2023:

  1. Alexey Adeev continues to express sympathy for Anna Samonina, with whom they are already leaving the perimeter.
  2. Ivan Barzikov is intriguing about the Yabbarovs’ departure from the project, although they may well be packing their things for their next vacation. But Gorina is urgently looking for an apartment, confirming the news that Ilya Yabbarov and Nastya Gold are leaving the clearing.

  3. There was a big scandal in the clearing, during which Sergei Khoroshev slapped Katya Skalon in the face, destroyed furniture and walls, without being embarrassed by his mother. As a result, Khoroshev packed his things and left the project.

  4. The departure of Ilya Yabbarov is confirmed by Christina Bukhynbalte, because without his screams it became quiet in the perimeter, which is unusual for the participants.

  5. Liberge Kpadonu was not hospitalized, although she will undergo surgery in the future. The diagnosis turned out to be not so terrible, Libi rejoices, planning to continue his legal battle with Yabbarov.

  6. Joseph Oganesyan believes that he was wrong and admits that he loves his wife. Is the divorce cancelled? Didn’t the Oganesyans gather for a project again?
  7. Ivan Barzikov is outraged that Christina Bukhynbalte accuses him of cheating while they were in a relationship. Did Vanya manage to find new passions during their quarrels?
  8. For some reason, Alena Rapunzel no longer considers Sasha Cherno a close friend, having chosen Victoria Romanets as her closest friend.

  9. Liza Polygalova still hasn’t given up the idea of ​​moving to Dubai. Will he really invite Gorina with him?

  10. Latest news house 2 from for today 09.19.2023 – two new guys came to the clearing, one of whom intends to build a relationship with Elina Rakhimova. Does a newbie like to take risks?

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