British ballistic missile submarine nearly sank

British ballistic missile submarine nearly sank
British ballistic missile submarine nearly sank

A Royal Navy Vanguard-class submarine was preparing to patrol the Atlantic when it nearly sank due to a faulty depth gauge. The British tabloid The Sun wrote about the incident.

According to the publication, the submarine armed with Trident 2 ballistic missiles lost orientation in depth due to the failure of the corresponding sensors. The boat approached the danger zone, but engineers at the stern diagnosed the problem using a second depth gauge.

The newspaper’s source noted that the submarine was technically at a depth that allowed it to function. With further descent, the boat’s crew, consisting of 140 sailors, would move to combat posts. If the technical problem had not been fixed, the consequences of the incident would have been difficult to predict.

However, The Sun did not disclose the name of the submarine and its exact location for reasons of secrecy. The British Naval Command has launched an investigation. The representative of the department noted that British submarines patrol in different parts of the World Ocean, protecting the interests of the country.

In total, London has four Vanguard-class nuclear submarines, which were built at the end of the last century: HMS Victorious, HMS Vigilant, HMS Vanguard and HMS Vengeance. Only two of them are currently in use.

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